Visiting w/ The Netophiles

This week I was invited onto The Netophiles podcast to talk about guilds – the good, the bad and to exchange some old war stories.


As always, Frank Sanchez and Kristen Fuller, which some of you may recall as community managers for Star Wars: The Old Republic back in the day, are great fun to hang out with and I hope you enjoy the podcast which you can find here.

Shout Out: Cooking With Ben

Do you wish there were more NSFW cooking shows to watch? Then please let me introduce you to Cooking With Ben. And today’s episode most definitely with Belgian Chocolate Drops!


If you have ever watched a cooking show and thought to yourself: “What a bunch of stuck-up p… epper-pots! or “Who the hell has eyelash of hummingbird lying around their kitchen?” then this cooking V-log is for you. Expect British humor, clearly indicated masturbation jokes, foul language and possibly to be told that you’re a bastard. That’s right, Ben Fox is the master of breaking the Fourth Wall… In his kitchen.

Sit back and enjoy the double-cream:

And remember, boys and girls! If you can’t find Pumpkin Butter, there’s something wrong with you!