Things Are Afoot

This year has been a bit on the bumpy side and I find myself back here on with a need to do my own thing, at my own speed for a while. I had a great time writing for and I would have gladly stayed but the game grew stale on me (sorry BioWare) and I really needed to do something that wasn’t Star Wars. Yes that can happen!

For a few months I was involved with an exciting project over at Unfortunately that project needs a lot more lift than it has at the moment and I decided I needed some real vacation time and then some Aggie-space where I can throw a few article series around and see what I can make of it.

What that means is I’m wielding a broom and a paintbrush on the site for a bit until I have a space I like. Then I will be posting a lot of fan art, some ramblings, rants and the usual squee-posts on the order of “whoa… check out this awesome gadget thingy!”. There may even occasionally be guest posters who knows! o_O (aaah good to be on my own site where I can inflict my smilies on you!).

If you happen to have some mad caricature and/or cartoon skills and would like to donate a little figure for me to dress up and play with I would be forever in your debt! If not well, stick figure it is then.



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