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I do a collection like this of articles, posts, tweets, funnies etc every day to share with my boyfriend Arkayde when he gets home from work. He very graciously claims to enjoy it. I thought I might as well try packaging it as a blog post to see if there are more polite people in the world who will also claim they enjoy my snark and rantings on these disparate subjects that grab my fancy. As you may have noticed I haven’t picked out a title for this stuff yet but I’m open to suggestions. Let’s just see if this goes anywhere and in the mean time I still plan on doing fan art things I’ve just been terribly procrastinating and brainstorming this past month.
 Sometimes game related art pops up in a beautiful wrapped package on established gaming sites and I’m always so happy to see it. In this case Luke Plunkett (who, as it happens, I already follow on Twitter at: @LukePlunkett) shared some gorgeous concept pieces for Guild Wars 2 made by ArenaNet creative director Daniel Dociu, in the article “Please, Help, I’m Relapsing And Posting More Guild Wars 2 Art“. I think it is safe to say that as habits go, Luke’s fascination with GW2 concept art should be enabled as much as possible!

That’s not all Mr. Plunkett had to entice me with today though. I stumbled onto his post from yesterday concerning a CG competition held by BioWare to create a new character for the Mass Effect universe. Luke wrote about it in “The (Fake) Mass Effect Characters Of The Future Are An Amazing Sight” and you just must have a look at all the entries they are gorgeous and funny and amazing and so many of them are Just Right for the task!

And over to something completely different as Dr. Ray Muzyka (@RayMuzyka) today raised an amused verbal eyebrow at FOX News’s claims that Germany gets more sunlight than the US:

If you click that screenshot above it should take you to Ray’s tweet and a whole delightful collection of funny and snarky responses (except mine which is dull of course). I love following Ray on Twitter nobody makes me look up explanations more than he does and he never seems to run out of new things to teach or politely demand you take a stand on. In short he’s good for your brain, go follow!

Click to view the (readable) original

This fabulous collection of tweets has made it’s round on Twitter today to much nerdy delight. Curated by @jeffisageek it’s a conversation between epic spacefarers both real and imagined. Start from the top and follow the tweet conversation around as Astronaut Chris Hadfield tweets from space with Kirk, Spock, Sulu and Wesley. And I do suspect every trekkie out there probably gained +1 in heroic adoration.

A really excellent look at How to Win the Game of Twitter in spite of how easily impressed we are by large numbers of followers: “Making Your Numbers Bigger and How That Shouldn’t Be What We’re Focused On“. Her main point is that “forcing” followers onto an account by giving away prizes or by outright buying “…followers who aren’t real” doesn’t work long term if you are not continually producing interesting content that keeps your Twitter followers coming back. I would point out that in Mitt’s defense that I don’t think anybody else is truly real to him but that’s just splitting hairs at this point. Go read it and thanks @Sanspants for Tweeting the post!

The Mary Sue reported in “DARYL (AND THAT OTHER GUY) FROM THE WALKING DEAD GETS HIS OWN VIDEO GAME [VIDEO]” that a new Walking Dead game featuring Daryl and his creepy brother in what looks like a Left for Dead style shooter. Check out the video below and let me know what you think. I’m a bit sceptic and not just because it now has remarkably huge shoes to fill after The Walking Dead chapters that gripped the hearts of gamers (and wrung them out). I would love to be surprised though and Activision is no spring chicken where game development is concerned.

Since we are roughly in the topical area of icky and you are already comfortably seated to watch videos I have another one for you but I wonder how comfortable you will feel when you are done watching. This story came to me via @bonniegrrl and Gawker in “Think Nemo’s Bad? In Brazil It’s Raining Spiders” and goes to prove that no matter how bad the weather gets somewhere else always has it worse:

And finally news for Damon Lindelof from the A.V.Club it seems he’s going to back in the business of making magic on screen with HBO in a TV adaptation of Tom Perrotta’s “The Leftovers”. Which follows: “… a society in the wake of the Rapture, as people attempt to put together their lives after learning God has left them behind to cool like so much uneaten potato salad.” Read more at “HBO moving ahead with Damon Lindelof and Tom Perrotta’s The Leftovers


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