Doctors, Dogs and Dungeon Keepers

It’s another go at all the stuff I’ve laughed, frowned, ‘Hmm’ed and punched air at. A few of the stories I picked up during the weekend and some are from today.


Most notably today Gamasutra reported that the BioWare Doctors, Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk are receiving the lifetime achievement award at GDC this year for their: “…for their contributions to the art and science of games”. They will be joining such notable names from our industry as Richard Garriott (Ultima) who was awarded in 2006, Civilization legend Sid Meier in 2008, Hideo Kojima (Metal Gear series) in  2009 and Peter Molyneux in 2011. All in all I have to say a big congrats to the doctors and that I entirely agree they belong in this company. Also I’m expecting to see Gabe Newell up there soonish. If you are on Twitter hop over and add your congrats to the flood Ray and Greg are receiving today!

And since I just got to mention Peter Molyneux here’s another bit of news that really interests me: Impire, a game that reminded it’s reviewer forcibly of Dungeon Keeper. My gosh the hours and hours I poured into DK and DK2! I loved those games! Which I suppose says something about me and my penchant for slapping imps around. I found this review by Paul Dean (don’t say it, don’t even think of butter!) over at Eurogamer:

Impire preview: The devil’s in the details – It’s not Dungeon Keeper, but Cyanide’s RTS summons the spirit of Molyneux’s classic.

I warmly suggest following the link above to the article. Paul interviews Yves Bordeleau, the director of Cyanide Studios, who readily agrees Molyneux’s Dungeon Keeper was a huge inspiration, but Impire is not a remake he insists: “The theme is the same, but the execution is quite different.“. And the graphics of course because well DK was quite a lot of bra sizes ago.


Next up is a new Kickstarter published by Paul Presley for an online magazine dubbed Continue Magazine. It’s a magazine about gaming rather than games which the group behind the venue see as a way to differentiate between the mass-produced media sites that give us 20 churned out reviews for every article with a some thought behind it (harshly worded of me but am I wrong?).

This magazine of course primarily caught my eye because it’s just so DARNED PRETTY! Hop over and check it out even if you aren’t about to pledge your hard earned money on more peripheral love of your favourite entertainment genre. It’s a great video too which I would have totally embedded here for your viewing pleasure if iframe links would play nice with WordPress (or vice versa).

The Fonseca Bust. Not Sam Hulick… >.>

Sam Hulick, who is the composer of the music of the Mass Effect series as well as the original Baldur’s Gate and the new Baldur’s Gate Extended as well, tweets to remind us that the Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut soundtrack can still be downloaded for free from BioWare right here: Download the Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut Soundtrack. Thank you Sam, will do!

It can’t all be about gaming though so here’s something that’s both nerdy, scienc-y and girly all in one go: A hairdresser from Baltimore proves that ancient hairdo’s were not, as was assumed, wigs at all but instead were real hairdo’s kept together with thread and needle! You’d think in all of archeological academia someone might have asked a hairdresser this already… Happily this is one hair nerd who doesn’t give up or back down, check it out: On Pins and Needles: Stylist Turns Ancient Hairdo Debate on Its Head.

And to round things off I give you the most adorable conversation with a dog on the internets! Or one of them at least. Well it’s not exactly a talking dog. Look just watch the video and giggle like a man, ok!?


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