Fare-thee-wells, Firefly and Things You Didn’t Know About Food

Looking over what has caught my interest the last couple of days it would appear that Valentine’s Day has not taken up much space. And indeed it hasn’t. Stores tried to push this made up holiday on us in Denmark when I was younger and most people I knew just rolled their eyes at the superciliousness. But what does it really matter who came up with the idea of a celebration? Who would have the nerve to force me to buy Hallmark cards if I don’t want to? That doesn’t mean the idea of celebrating the relationship I have with Arkayde isn’t sometime that ought to have its very own holiday and date in the calendar. It’s not about chocolate, or stupid cards or plushie toys (and really what IS up with that? Here have a stuffed toy as a token of my love and affection… Creepy!) It’s about taken a little time out of the year to stop and appreciate about how much you have together. Oh and an excellent opportunity to rub the faces of all those lonely souls without a date in the awesomeness of your relationship. No real holiday would be complete without some aspect of “Neener, neener. Look wot I got!”

So although these pages appear to be a Valentine free zone, this does not mean that I’ve taken to the barricades in protest of a commercially made up occasion to sell cards with statements we C.B.A. to formulate ourselves. Mostly it means that Valentines is something I prefer to celebrate in private with the man the holiday is all about.

Onto other things!


In today’s sad headlines Valve joins the ranks of game developers who have applied the Lay Offs Debuff, although nobody’s sure how many were affected yet. Engadget managed to get a statement from Gabe Newell on the story but there wasn’t really much he could say other than it shouldn’t affect any of Valve’s current projects. It still blows and it is my sincere hopes that these folks may find new employment very soon.

Which makes this next bit of news serve a dual purpose of cheering us up and just being outright nerdtastic: James ‘Relentlessly Cheerful’ Hance is awesome. Wait that’s not the news part but I thought so last year when I wrote this introduction, Relentlessly Cheerful – Wookie the Chew,  to his art and books on TORWars and he is no less inspiring today. The Mary Sue reports that James did a series (9 to be exact, the whole crew!) of Firefly portraits over the course of 24 hours which he means to donate to the Firefly themed charity group Can’t Stop the Serenity, for their annual auction to benefit Equality Now.

James Hance paints Zoe for Charity give-away

It wasn’t all fun and games either. James reportedly had to take a break at one point to go nurse a migraine that chose that stellar moment to flare up and he still got it done in time. Hop over to The Mary Sue for the full gallery of nine paintings that Morena Baccarin and Adam Baldwin agreed were ‘awesome’.

And back to something less cheerful as Stephen Fry, that wonderful, wonderful man, tweets to warn us that the African elephant may well become extinct due to poaching by as early as 2025. Your grandchildren may only get to see an elephant in books and movies if the ivory trade and poaching isn’t curtailed.

iWorry is a campaign by The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust  and describes itself as a: “…front-line organisation working every day in the field to protect Africa’s wildlife and habitats.” They have put up a petition online you can sign to voice your concern with the ivory trades rampant poaching of some of our planets most iconic and wonderful animals. If you are on Facebook you can also share the post where they announce the petition to help spread the word.

I’ve been meaning to remind you to visit this following site if you haven’t (or again if you have) and now seems to be a good time for that because juxtaposition is fun:

If somehow you’ve missed this terrifically funny Tumblr then I can’t stress enough how much you must go visit Animals Being Dicks today. Every so often I swing by to catch up on what’s new and I end up helplessly laughing.

Random House has published an iPad app that should make any Discworld fans squee with ecstatic joy (or in the case of those of use sans iPad weep in jealous frustration): A zoomable interactive map of the sprawling city of Terry Pratchett’s Ankh-Morpork. And you can even “visit” landmarks in the city and in the best traditions of tourists (I hope Two-Flower would agree) get background and history on some of the famous buildings in the city.

Press your faces against the window of the video below with me in our best, watery-eyed Dickensian impression of Girl Without iPad:

Swing by Cnet for more information or go directly to Random House’s tastefully “olde worldy” looking page for the Ankh-Morpork App here.

Top 11 Biggest Lies of Mainstream Nutrition is an very accessible article on a bunch of quite complex misunderstandings and outright misinformation about nutrition in today’s mainstream media. More importantly it punches great big holes in ‘truths’ you have known all your life. Do read it and make your own judgement. (Via @RayMuzyka). As Arkayde just so eloquently put it: “The best thing about this is you can eat all the f*cking bacon you want!”. This is true. ❤

And back to The Mary Sue ( I do so like that site!) where they report that Game of Thrones merchandise has now hit the kids plushie section. To me this immediately conjured up (nightmarish) images of a plushie Sandor Clegane  or possibly a scrumptious Tyrion with trousers you can unbutton. However it’s much more innocuous than that with dragons eggs and house sigils on play shields. Not even a plastic ‘Ice’ with swoosh sound effects to simulate beheading. Really toys just aren’t what they’ve never been…

A little shout out here towards the end of the post to one of our gamer own: @IRGRL or Steph. She’s got a ton of lovely jewelry up for sale on her Facebook page Everything Under the Moon and would probably be thrilled if you swung by and dropped a ‘Like’ on it and much more so for a purchase.


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