When Gamers Rhyme With Valentine

So it’s V-Day

And what have we done?

Made thousands of verses

Most of which don’t rhyme… much.


Isn’t it fun how we can go from earnestly comparing Thee to a summers day to the verbal mallet method of Roses are red and violets are blue, all in the name of love? I have collected some of our geekiest, most lovable, fun, scary and occasionally toe-scrunchingly awkward Valentine’s Day poems from my favorite worldwide community of gamers and geeks. You should be able to click the image to follow them back to the original tweet.

Please enjoy!

Susan Saville, always one you find in the midst of the funniest BioWare tweet convos gave us this Dragon Age poem:

Gamerlady sails in to lift up the common denominator with some genuine sweetness lest we forget what it’s all about:

StoppableForce, my source to keeping up with World of Warcraft news on Twitter offered up a few of his own:

According to my friend, Techn0phile, Batman will have his say on the matter. Or not, as it were:

Grant_D takes a swing at professing his love for the Playstation 3:

Ajay reminds us that there can be no geeky Valentine’s without Star Wars with his own romantic Yodaism:

And while we are extolling the virtues of classicism:

But it’s not all Twitter-birds and flowers as Ben ‘The Flasherman’ Fox’s note of love will show:

Gruesome! And more gruesome:

Which goes very well with the red fingerprint he has on his Twitter profile!

And it gets even gruesome-er (it’s a word) with Matt ‘Sanspants’ Fleming throwing his considerable writing weight behind the task of rhyming:


Fortunately, there are few things as certain in life as where Sanspants humor will eventually lead him:

“My gosh Aggie, that’s just not funny!” “Yeah, it is…!”. What can I say? I’m a classy girl!
He’s not done yet though, one more:

Where you find Sanspants tweeting funnehs, his trusty sidekick Varsh won’t be far behind:

This man can woo the socks of any girl, can’t he just!

Wooed. That’s me, right there!

The day, however, is far from over and the thing about rhyming is, rather like pistachios, once you start it’s really hard to stop. So I will be adding any additional poems to this opus of gamer love and of course, there can be no poking fun at others without having a go at it myself. So here’s my contribution to the literary apoplexy we are courting:

Feel like you can win our hearts with the most geeky Valentine’s poem yet? Give it a go in the comments below and I’ll add it to our collective conscious… Ehh I’ll add it here I mean! Go on, I’d love to see what you come up with!

We are back and I know it will completely floor you to realize that the first geek back in the Rhyming game is Sanspants with this lament to inspiration:

I also felt I could do better than before so here is my second contribution:

Ray Muzyka linked us a Mass Effect poem by deviantART user Lordess-Alicia and while the BioWare doctor didn’t write this one I still think it belongs here. Well done Alicia!


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