Glass, Gadgets and Gears of War

SWTOR writer Alexander M. Freed has launched his own website,, with a peek behind the workings of the Dragon Age comics he has lately been co-writing with Dragon Age lead writer David Gaider.

Given that I just finished my first play-through of Dragon Age 2 (Late to the party, I know! There were reasons) this naturally pinged my radar with promises of more story with Alistair, Varric and Isabela. Check out Alexander’s very cool look into the process of writing with someone else and writing for a new medium and make sure you keep an eye on the workings of this guy. And while we have David Gaider on the proverbial table (heh, there’s a visual for you /brow waggle) I would implore you to swing by his blog The Bittersweetest Thing and read his post on Romances. It’s one I go back to and re-read every time I sigh wistfully about not being able to romance a particular npc in a game (aaah Varric, you and me, we could have been great…).
You can follow these two gentlemen on Twitter to: @AlexanderMFreed and @DavidGaider.

The Mary Sue snorted (ladylike) at quotes by Gears of War art director Chris Perna this Tuesday, when on the one hand he gushed about how wonderful it was that female gamers felt empowered by their female characters and on the other hand how unviable a female lead would be for a videogame.

Or in other words, to paraphrase Tomb Raider’s executive producer Ron Rosenberg at E3 last year: “Lolwut nobody wants to be a woman, brah.” Who am I to bring up Ripley or bash people’s faces in with the complete DVD box set of Buffy the Vampire slayer. Obviously there are exceptions to the rule, but mostly you can only sell video games with straight  white, male leading characters. Why? Because! That’s Why!

I won’t launch into a sally about just how Neanderthalian I find that mindset but consider this: Take his first comment in the context of the second and can’t you sort of hear his mind adding the phrase”It’s so cute they feel empowered, the little dears…”

Bra burning at 5, don’t be late! features an article on the 3Doodler that has just grabbed my imagination by the jugular. This mind-bogglingly cool gadget draws in 3D right into empty air! Much like a 3D printer this pen heats and cools plastic into shapes, except here it’s a thin stream which solidifies in mid-air as you draw. Watch the video and try not to use the word ‘magic’!

I think the word you are looking for is: Duuuude!

And while we are on the subject of amazing new things our clever species is coming up with, Google has a new video out giving us the experience of Glass:

And don’t forget wearing the trendy headset will make it ever so much easier to roleplay Mass Effect


See what I mean?

Cory Doctorow wrote a chilling viewpoint for Publishers Weekly on digital rights management (DRM) and what it implies to allow your own, private device to deceive you. Whether or not you agree with his conclusions and examples I think his is an article well worth the time spent reading it: I Can’t Let You Do That, Dave.

To help you shake of that gloomy feeling that everyone is spying on you here is EA’s Twitter with a link to RatedRR’s attempts at making exploding arrows á la Crysis 3. I realize that linking this glorification of a deadly weapon may chip away at the staunch belief of certain acquaintances that I am a peace-loving, bra-burning, herbal-tea-drinking flower-girl, but so be it. Sometimes it’s just really cool to watch a bloke explode fruit with a bow an arrow, don’tchaknow. Besides being a pacifist doesn’t mean you won’t club someone over the head eventually. Exploding arrows everybody! Enjoy!


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