Futures From Afar – L’infini de la Reverie

I have been wanting to chuck some “Space Porn” on these pages for a while now but that particular, uhm… description is too narrow to fit the mix of space and Sci-Fi concept art I have in mind. I try to look at art like this once a week and it’s usually what I decorate my desktop with. Imagined worlds in the far reaches of the Universe are an instant kick of hope and/or inspiration for me. Even the dystopian ones. Not so much in the hope department naturally but still very inspirational. I would like to spread that feeling around a bit and perhaps introduce you to some artists with a blossoming imagination of the future.

L’infini de la Reverie
by DmitryEp18

I proudly present you “L’infini de la reverie”
I hope you like it. Used Photoshop CS5, mouse and fantasy If you used this image as desktop wallpaper, please let me know.
Constructive criticism is welcome.
– Dmitryep18

Linfini de la Reverie by Dmitryep18

I have to admit my first thought when I looked at this planet was: Hutta! Or rather: “I can see my Bountyhunter’s ship from here!”. Which doesn’t really do Dmitryep18’s picture justice. I also couldn’t help thinking about the moss covered planet Medusa from David Weber’s ‘On Basilisk Station‘ the first of the Honor Harrington books. A great read if you are into epic space combat with a dash of political intrigue and hard-bitten heroism.

If you liked this image enough to hang it on the wall, Dmitryep18 actually sells prints of it at reasonable prices: L’infini de la Reverie prints. You could have a 30×46 CM print for a mere 20$ or so (probably less if you are in the US).

If you have a favourite piece of Space Art or Sci-fi concept art you keep hanging on to share it with me in the comments below!


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