Too Much Sexism in Headlines?

Are you tired of hearing about sexism in the games industry when you’d rather have your headlines be about games? Then help put a stop to sexism and gain access to the following bounty:

More games
More choice
More women!

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More games being developed! I am implying that getting more people into the development area of the games industry (people here meaning human beings that don’t fall under the category of straight, Caucasian males) will mean a bottom line of more games.
More choice between games! Aren’t you tired of a thousand iterations of the same shoot-em ups? Isn’t it exciting to play crazy new indie games? More diversity in creators will give us more diversity in games. More for all of us!
More women playing games! Why is this a good thing? Apparently a lot of gents are really scared of accidentally hitting on someone ingame, who then turns out to be a dude. Doesn’t that mean you want more women in your game? Of course the downside is there will be more women to tell creepos off for hitting on them. Can’t have it both ways.

Why am I on a feminism bender today?

Two stories broke, both with sexism at their core. The first, which is sadly being drowned out by the second, is the one about a Lara Croft cosplayer being asked by what was reported as a games media representative, how she felt about the fact that “none of the men in this room could please them (her and the other Lara Croft cosplayers assembled) in bed”. The owner of that bit of stellar journalism found himself out on his ear and perma-banned from PAXEast which was good to hear. W2G PAX! You can read the whole story here at The Mary Sue: When Professional’s Aren’t: The Pax East Tomb Raider Cosplay Harassment Story.

In the mean time you can find this Silvermania fellow, supposedly the unnamed “journo”’s friend, defending him and claiming the question was meant for a parody piece and the girl only made a fuss to enhance her modeling reputation. Regardless of how much I want to yell BS at that load of… well. It doesn’t matter. The (sadly) as yet unnamed games journalist is banned and who cares about yet another apologist. Lob him in the pile with the rest. If you want to enjoy a treat of “I’m all for women’s rights and such but…” by all means read Silvermania’s Facebook comments on this post.

The next story came from the International Games Development Association’s (IGDA) after party yesterday which it co-hosted with start-up accelerator YetiZen. Apparently someone decided that IGDA should host a party for the gaming industry with exotic dancers as the entertainment. Because nothing says gaming like, oh I have no idea why. And this on the very same evening as a much-lauded speech on sexism and equality in gaming by Brenda Romero, who was on the IGDA board at the time. Brenda decided to resign from the board today as did another of the board members. Accusations are flying back and forth and apologies are being made. Well at least IGDA made an apology sorta thing. read the whole story on the link above from Polygon and scoot over to Forbes as well for another look. This one with an after edit explaining why sexy dancers are not such a good idea at a professional gathering. This on Forbes… OK then: IGDA Responds to the GDC Party Faux Pas.

Corey Rollins, editor-in-chief at ShogunGamer, live tweeted from a public statement by the IGDA at which he got to experience the following:


Tweet 01

Tweet 02

Tweet 03

I think BioWare’s Patrick Weekes (who was a writer for all 3 Mass Effect games) nailed the general consensus (or mine at least!) with three tweets today:

Please not that no penises were harmed in the making of these tweets. (<- that was a relevant link you didn't click on)

Tweet 01

Tweet 02

Tweet 03

What gets me is why, at a gathering of gaming industry professionals, there wouldn’t be something sort of gaming related as the entertainment. A LAN party with fancy drinks could be fun, no? Or musicians live performing games themes. I’d be entertained… Of course I’m not a gaming industry professional so maybe tastes run towards other, more sophisticated, things.

I would like my gaming news to be about games and not about creepy dudes, sexist social gaffes and the continuation of rape culture in gaming. I really would. And it’s not people speaking out against these things that are hi-jacking the focus either. You don’t drop a brick on my foot and then also get to complain that I’m cursing you. But if we step in when we see sexism, unfair and degrading treatment, and call it out, put a stop to it or just question what you are witnessing, we can nip a lot of this in the bud. And if you won’t help out of a sense of fairness then do it out of loyalty to your favourite games. Because they get tainted by association and that should bother you too.

Let me end this with a tasteful quote from one of New Zealand-based Flight of the Conchords music videos:

– We need to spread the dicks out a little and create some lady space!

Too Many Dicks on the Dancefloor

Note: The Leisure Suit Larry image is fan art created by jabbamonkey. You can find the original here:

Leisure Suit Larry 1


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