Desktop Fantasies – Eldt by Jordan Grimmer

It is high time for some graphical change for the box I spend all day on. This time I have chosen to go with something more tangible than a view of space: “Eldt” is a concept piece by Jordan Grimmer for an upcoming RPG called The Battle for Arcadia.

Immediately I saw this picture, I was reminded of Kashyyk and of Solace (Dragonlance). Also, at least style-wise, to some degree of Guild Wars 2. It’s there in the slightly fuzzy, suggestive feel as well as in the architecture and the inscrutable swaths of red cloth.

Eldt by Jordan Grimmer

How cool would it be to explore this setting in a game though? I know I would be happy to pick one of those houses for my character’s personal housing!

Jordan has a personal blog with his work: Jordan Grimmer Art. It holds a tasteful collection of his work, in case you aren’t into schlepping through the greenish waters of deviantART. You can also find him on Facebook and Twitter.

“Eldt” is available for sale as a print from Blue Canvas at prices starting from $16.54.

If you have a favourite piece of Space Art, Sci-fi or Fantasy concept art you keep hanging on to share it with me in the comments below!


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