Fan Focus – 28 Impressions of Elizabeth From BioShock Infinite

24 artists show us their take on dark-haired Elizabeth from Irrational Games‘ BioShock Infinite. With styles ranging from mesmerizing realism to fresh and funky Art Nouveau, this gallery explores and celebrates the female lead of Creative Director Ken Levine‘s latest master-piece.


A little background (Scroll down if you just want to go straight to the gallery!)

>>>EDIT: The next Fan Focus has been announced!<<<

BioShock Infinite is probably one of the most important works of gaming this year. Regardless of whether you love or hate it, the discussions it fosters are relatively mature in terms of narration, artistic value even religion and violence in games. If a book or a movie sparks this kind of discussion of broad topics that touch upon the genre itself we would know that we are dealing with a culturally important piece of fiction. There are so many articles already written and still being written about the game and I would encourage you to check some of the ones I’ve linked here as food for thought. You are welcome to post links to your favourite reviews and opinion pieces below in the comments. We, however, are here to look at gorgeous fan art.

Elizabeth is described as a powerful AI created by a.o Amanda Jeffrey (though I twitch at using the term), voiced by Courtnee Draper, motion captured by Heather Gordon and modeled on Russian cosplayer Anna Moleva.

Anna Moleva – You will notice there is one piece in the gallery which is a remake of this very photo. Quite meta 🙂

Game development, not unlike most other narrative mediums go through processes of change, even huge change some times, during their production. But Elizabeth was always meant, from the outset, to be a pivotal character to the story of BioShock Infinite. That doesn’t mean they didn’t have to work hard to fit her into the story. Ken Levine likened her character to the mechanical shark of Jaws* which famously never worked and yet became the background star to one of my childhoods scariest movie memories.

Ken: She was our “shark in Jaws”, she didn’t work, she didn’t work, she didn’t work and if we didn’t have her, we didn’t have a game. And then one day she worked!” ( Elizabeth is a Shark via Giantbomb)

BioShock Infinite – Creating Elizabeth

(Btw, am I the only one who sees the ghost of River Tam dancing behind Elizabeth?)

Design-wise Elizabeth has quickly become iconic. Probably way before the game was released, judging by the creation date of some of the beautiful fan art pieces in this gallery. The dress in particular is eye catching although some have been quick to point out her similarity to Beauty and the Beast‘s Belle. Claire Hummel is the woman behind the dresses of both Elizabeth and The Lutece Twins and Luke Plunkett has a neat write-up of that here: Designing The Dresses For BioShock Infinite’s Elizabeth (And The Lutece Twins).

I suggest you play these two dark and sweet violin compositions of “Elizabeth’s Theme” and “Will the Circle be Unbroken” by Taylor Davis (via Kotaku) while you flip through the gallery!

Bioshock Infinite: Elizabeth’s Theme, Will the Circle Be Unbroken – Violin – Taylor Davis

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Elizabeth Fan Art Gallery
(Please note while I am hosting the images clicking on them will take you to their respective original locations!)

The Songbird by Kirsten Sjursen-Lien

Infinite by Danielle Sylvan

"Infinite" by Poiju

"Bioshock Infinite Fan Poster" by Brooke S

"Two Birds" by Todd Rad

Elizabeth by Alessandro Ganassa Mazzetti

  • Artist: Alessandro “Ganassa” Mazzetti
  • Title: “Elizabeth”
  • Tools: Photoshop and a Wacom tablet.
  • Time:
  • See more at: (NSFW)

"The Lamb's Vision" by Danielle DeMartini

"Taken by Songbird" by Kydeka

  • Artist: Kydeka
  • Title: “Taken by Songbird”
  • Tools: Paint Tool Sai
  • Time: 2~ hours
  • See more at:

The Door into Paris by Snrssnvr

  • Artist: snrssnvr
  • Title: “The Door Into Paris”
  • Tools: Easy Paint Tool SAI for lines and character’s coloring, Photoshop CS6 for effects and background.
  • Time: 20-22 hours
  • See more at:

"Elizabeth Greytone" by Nick Minor

  • Artist: Nick Minor
  • Title: “Elizabeth Greytone”
  • Tools: Photoshop and Ituos3 tablet
  • Time: 10~hours
  • See more at: RadiantGrey’s Etsy Shop(!) and

"Take Me Along" by Sa-Tou

  • Artist: Sa-Tou
  • Title: “Take Me Along”
  • Tools: Painttool SAI, Photoshop CS5
  • Time: 10-15 hours
  • See more at: Sa-Tou’s Tumblr and Twitter @YazZm3n

"Elizabeth and Songbird" by GunGoat

  • Artist: GunGoat
  • Title: “Elizabeth and Songbird”
  • Tools: Photoshop CS5 and autodesk sketchbook with Intuos4 medium
  • Time: 2~ hours

Elizabeth Bioshock Infinite by Mogura

"The Lamb" by Corey Miller

"Fly Away" by Shaun Stroup

"Elizabeth from BioShock" by Clc1997

  • Artist: Clc1997
  • Title: “Elizabeth from BioShock”
  • Tools used: Gimp
  • Time: 2-3 hours
  • See more at:

"Crow and Song" by Venester

"Smug Elizabeth" by Andrew Wong

  • Artist: Andrew Wong
  • Title: “Smug Elizabeth”
  • Tools: Photoshop CS4
  • Time: 6~ hours
  • See more at:

"Infinite Elizabeth" by RCBrock

  • Artist: RCBrock
  • Title: “Infinite Elizabeth”
  • Tools: Pencil, Paper – Recreated in Photoshop.
  • Time: 5~ hours
  • See more at:

"Elizabeth" by Xar623

  • Artist: Xar623
  • Title: “Elizabeth”
  • Tools: Adobe Illustrator
  • Time: 4 hours
  • See more at:

"Elizabeth - BioShock Infinite" by Unam-et-solum

  • Artist: Unam-et-solum
  • Title: “Elizabeth – Bioshock Infinite”
  • Tools: Photoshop 7 and Wacom Bamboo tablet.
  • Time: 5-6 hours
  • See more at:

"BioShock Infinite box art" by Maku Zoku

  • Artist: Maku Zoku
  • Title: “BioShock Infinite box art”
  • Tools: Ink, pens and Photoshop
  • Time:
  • See more at:

Elizabeth by Kim Myatt

Sweet Dreams by JustSnake

  • Artist: JustSnake
  • Title: “Sweet Dreams”
  • Tools: Photoshop and tablet
  • Time: 1-2 days
  • See more at:

BioShock Infinite by Alex Garner

Elizabeth by Piano Bandit

There's Always a Lighthouse by Ghostfire

Elizabeth by Speh

  • Artist: Speh
  • Title: “Elizabeth”
  • Tools: Photoshop
  • Time: 15~hours
  • See more at:


Over at PSOtter I had the chance this winter to put together a few fan art galleries (Ezio Auditore and Isaac Clarke) which focused on a single character rather than a game title or IP. Not only did this give me the chance to show off a bunch of artists at once, but the mix of styles and methods all focused on the same topic turned out to be a gorgeous celebration of both the character in question and fan art in all it’s diversity. This is something I want to keep exploring, if at all possible and if can find the space on WP or the money to expand the blog’s allotted space.

Watch this wonderful and geeky interview at ebaumsworld with crew and cast of Jaws reminiscing about the shark that didn’t work: Bruce… The Shark That Didn’t Work.


10 thoughts on “Fan Focus – 28 Impressions of Elizabeth From BioShock Infinite

    • I love your Liz! Very mature and the style, especially in this collection, really catches the eye. All of your galleries are both fun and beautiful to get lost in! ❤

    • You’re not wrong. On the other hand finding fan art that depicts a female character without an emphasis on the chest is an exercise in futility. I’m thinking my next Focus will be on someone non-human, maybe even non-organic just to mix things up some more.

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