Desktop Fantasies – Rebirth by Alexwearshats

Your desktop is looking a little messy I bet and you need something new and shiny for your background. Last time we immersed ourselves in gigantic trees and imaginary tree huts with Jorden Grimmer’s “Eldt”. This week, allow me to take you back out the wonders and beauty of space, as imagined by Alexwearshats.

Rebirth by Alexwearshats

“Rebirth” by AlexWearsHats

Alexwearshats has just come out of a long period with no new art submissions due to calculus classes. But it sounds like he did well for himself at exams:

I emerged from exams not only intact, but pretty damn content with my results. I suppose it’s a little confidence booster before I tackle calculus this coming year.

– Alexwearshats

A big congrats to Alex on that. So the reason he created “Rebirth” was, according to himself, to blow some dust of his space art skills. So if, like me, you are smitten by this gorgeous vista, please go visit Alexwearshat’s deviantART page and encourage him to do more of this, or even convince him to put this piece up for sale as a print!

Chris Hadfield also thinks today is a “space appreciation day”. He just uploaded his version of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity”. It seems only right to add this video to create the mood while you are changing backgrounds:

Space Oddity – Chris HadfieldIf you have a favourite piece of Space Art, Sci-fi or Fantasy concept art you keep hanging on to; share it in the comments below!


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