Announcement: Weeping Angels Next Fan Focus

The scariest monster from the Whovian universe is arguably the Weeping Angels. They may not be the strongest, or the ones that inflict the most damage but they are oh so chilling. This makes them an excellent candidate to break in a new aspect of the Fan Focus galleries. In five weeks time (give or take!) I will be presenting you with another shiny gallery of fan art – all presenting the stony visages of these creepy monsters.

Consider that fair warning of what is coming!

Some considerations I made before finally picking the Weeping Angels for the next gallery:

I wanted a character that wasn’t already covered. So not male (Ezio Auditore, Isaac Clarke) or female (Elizabeth) and preferably someone or something from another medium than games this time. I’d say the angels cover these criteria and there are already a lot of fan art of them out there.

If you would like to have a fan art piece considered for this gallery either message me on devianART or send me an email at: WMAblogging @ gmail DOT com.


3 thoughts on “Announcement: Weeping Angels Next Fan Focus

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