Desktop Fantasies – Armies of the Fallen by Scott Richard

It is time for something new and dramatic to light up your desktop and inspire your week and dramatic is where Scott Richard excels. What do you say to dressing up your desktop in a blood-red Coruscant?


Scott Richards’ matte is a concept piece for an upcoming Star Wars fan film Armies of the Fallen. This is the sequel to the much appraised fan film Star Wars Shadows of the Past.

Frankly the both gorgeous and threatening vista in Scott’s matte is enough to make me intrigued enough to watch the movie but I want you to hear what he has to say about their plans himself:

Armies of the Fallen
The sequel to Shadows of the Past. The story will take place some time after SotP, with our young hero all grown up and ready to destroy the oppression of his former Master. For he and his followers have now become something else entirely. Deceived and betrayed, filled with righteous anger…they are the Fallen. And from the ashes of their disillusion, a new order shall rise.

Even this time we plan to deliver only the best quality, but in much bigger scale. We will focus not only on the VFX and action sequences, but also on the story and acting. Stay tuned for more info. This will be THE Star Wars fanfilm we’ve always dreamed of!

The goal is to bring 30 minutes of non-stop jaw dropping Star Wars epicness.

– Scott Richard

Armies of the Fallen by Scott Richards

There is also a concept trailer which, despite many disclaimers, is very polished indeed and simply breathtaking to watch! So watch it!

Star Wars Armies of the Fallen: Concept Teaser

Created by: Martin Klekner
Music by: Tomas Zemler
Voiced by: Austin McComb

Watch Star Wars Power of the Dark Side here.

You can see more of Scott Richards’ amazing mattes at his gallery or on his Facebook page. Both places are well worth a visit with both Star Wars and fantasy pictures.

You can also learn more about the Armies of the Fallen movie project from their website, Facebook page or Twitter page.

If you have a favourite piece of Space Art, Sci-fi or Fantasy concept art you keep hanging on to; share it in the comments below!


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