Everquest Next September Producer’s Letter

Everquest Next Producer’s Letter for September 2013 is out and it is presented by Senior Producer Terry Michaels (@terryjmichaels). Terry gives us a quick heads up about what the next month will bring us in terms of EQN news and why.

Watch here:

September 2013 Producer’s Letter

It makes sense that the information dumps will be mostly about Landmark in the near future with it coming out this Winter (WINTER IS COMING! sorry, had to be said). The Landmark news will be centered around two topics:

Globetrotting – How the world, the continents are created, how the claims work.

Break it, Take it, Make it – Information about resource collecting, finding crafting stations, different environments we can experience.

There will be some Everquest Next info as well as a new lore story drop about the creation of the Ashfang zone. Curious about the previous lore stories? Read them here:

Last Stand of the Teir’Dal Cover art by Wes Wheeler

The Last Stand of the Teir’Dal by Maxwell Alexander Drake

Fall of Bastion cover art by Wes Wheeler.

Fall of Bastion by Robert Lassen

I have to say this video as well as the developer Roundtable videos are a really nice and compact way of getting information to the fans, keeping the vibe going without over hyping anything. And it seems like such an easy thing for a studio to offer, it boggles the mind more MMOs in particular don’t do this already, both before and after launch. It doesn’t have to be 40 minute beautifully edited video footage from behind the scenes every week or every month, if you have 2 minutes here and there with pertinent information.

Let me know what you think about today’s information and if you like or don’t like the format EQNext is going with their mini-vids.


I asked Rosie Rappaport on Twitter who the artist behind the cover art for Fall of Bastion and The Last Stand of the Teir’Dal was and she came through famously:

Thanks Rosie!  ~ Aggie


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