EQN Round Table – Fast Travel or Not?

Everquest Next has another Round Table discussion up and this one piqued my interest:

Question: Fast travel in EverQuest Next: love it or leave it?

Poll choices:

1) I want to be able to get to my group within 5 minutes, wherever they are in the world.

2) I want a huge world, even it means 30 minutes getting to my group each night.

3) Fast travel with limitations, such as only via player abilities or requiring you to visit “the long way” first.

4) I would like a fast travel network between major cities/hubs only, not outside.

5) I don’t have a preference.

I voted for number 3. It won’t necessarily be that exact way if(!) they choose to implement some form of travel limitation, but it’s one I could live with. Sure, if you’re the nub who just got a spot on a raid and you’ve never been there before you’ll be stressed out getting there as fast as possible. Well, that’s what being the nub is all about in the first place. Taking the pain out of being new only hurts your experience down the line.
That being said I’m also not a fan of adding painful tedium where it isn’t needed. The following was my forum post on EQN on this subject.

Gathering across the world (or worlds) to meet up for a 10 or 25-man in World of Warcraft was fun. That time and extra bit of organization added anticipation to the evening’s shenanigans. But in SWTOR it was a drag to get everyone to the same spot. The primary difference between the two were (I think) that in WoW you could often leave your character to do the traveling and get your coffee in the kitchen. Whereas in SWTOR you had to shepherd your toon every step of the way including interminable loading screens making me show up to an Op already grumpy.

I think I prefer fast travel to instant travel and I don’t want to feel like I’m ever chained to the game. I would also like to have the option of working towards faster travel in some form. And if there is to be teleportation I would love it, if it had a (low) critical success/critical fail chance, so that once in a blue moon you end up porting straight into lava or on the opposite side of the world, or in the top of a tree or such.

If your interest or ire is stoked please visit the EQN Roundtable forums and participate!


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