Craftly – UFO Cat Yurt

I decided I wanted to relearn how to crochet since it’s such a portable and productive craft and I also wanted to tool around with up-cycling old clothes into bulky “yarn” or “Tjarn” (For Tshirt Yarn which is an expression I will try not to use again ><). So I set out with a pair of scissors, some old clothes of Arkayde’s and a huge crochet hook from the dollar store and ended up with… Probably the ugliest and most adored by felines yurt in history:

The round bottom floor is very sturdy. Made out of a pair of old canvas pants and crocheted in a spiral with increases every round until I thought Milo (the largest cat) would fit on it. Funny enough he’s the only one who hasn’t had a chance to use the yurt yet, the girls are taking turns and even queuing up for the new “box”-thing.

Amazing how grumpy cats look when you use a flash on them

The wall is an old sweater Milo chewed huge holes in and the same for the roof. I left in a fist sized opening at the top so there’s a sky light to peek out of (or reach into if you are a griefer cat – which we have).

When I was done it flopped together like a giant messed up pillow. So I nabbed a wand toy they’ve grown tired with and used it’s feather end to secure it in an arch to the opening. Apparently it still sucked and it wasn’t until Arkayde forced a metal wire hanger apart, to stabilize the roof of the yurt, that it’s feline popularity soared to dizzying heights. Now it’s pretty much the ugliest thing in our living room guaranteed to contain a cat. So all in all I call that a win of sorts!

The morale here I guess is: Who cares if it comes out looking like ass!? Experimentation is the way we invent things and pets are gracious gift receivers!

“If you don’t stop taking photos there will be a reckoning!”


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