Craftly – Upcycled Halloween Harvest Lights

Every year when Halloween comes around I itch to try my hand at all the fun cool decorations one might put together. I didn’t grow up with the celebration so it’s still pretty new to me. That being said I’m also not particularly hampered by the black/orange convention. Unlike in any other instances where I am so famously conventional… >.>

Regardless it’s easy to clutter up your home with hundreds of more or less finished decorations so the rule is one new perennial decoration per year.

This yeah it’s all about lights and cat safety!


I chose the glasses for their straight and tall tumbler shape and, unlike the lights we made for my sister-in-law, I’ve left the threads on these glasses to make them easier to pack away and reuse next year.

The gravel is sorted for colour (palest possible) and scrubbed with soap and remaining residue removed with vinegar. The dark pebbles that were sorted out I painted with two layers of bright orange acrylic. I added pumpkin faces to 5 or 6 of them with a black marker. Just enough so there’s a chance you might spot one but not so many it becomes silly.

Crappy one-handed photo. :o(

The beads are handmade paper beads from newspaper. Painted with acrylics and varnished with Triple-Thick. Instead of orange and black I went with orange and tan with some gold detail on the beads. The large round beads are leftover wooden beads from a mixed set. The same orange and tan acrylic paint from the paper beads is used for stripes on the glasses. I strung the beads on a warm yellow waxed string. I was going to use yarn first but it was too cutesy.

My craft assistant, Milo, who was fired several times during the process for batting paper beads off the desk.

The end result is just the right amount of harvest glow and trendy neutrals that even the boyfriend cracked an appreciative eyebrow. It wasn’t until we lit them and turned the lights off that we discovered they paint glorious light circles on the ceiling!

On the piano next to other Halloween stuff.

The whole piano decor:

Although our cats are moderately careful around candles theses sturdy candle holders have so far held up to the Crashtest Cat-dummies in fine style. Except for that one time where Jack knocked one off the desk so she could get to the funny rocks (it wasn’t lit and she’s a persistent little troll).

It’s so much easier to outfit Jack with a Halloween hat after the photo is taken…

All told this made for a very pretty and very cheap additions to our decorations this year and I’m happy with the outcome!

Happy Halloween, to all of you!


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