What is “The Hook and the Disobedience”?

What is The Hook and The Disobedience link that has appeared in the menu? Why are there no updates on the site and what the yotz is Aggie up to?


If you have been visiting the site this month and wondering why there are no updates on the front page it is because I have been furiously writing for NaNoWriMo for the first time. As a further encouragement to myself to keep the my momentum up, I have been posting my daily scribbling here, on a page I dedicated to that purpose… Which doesn’t actually show any updates here to draw your attention to new content. Sorry about that!

I chose to smack two bottoms with one paddle by writing a back story for a future EQNext character I hope to be able to play. I set my novel in a made up, Carribeanesque part of EQNext, and have cavalierly dotted it with EQ2 references because that’s all I have and it only matters so far as to set up some far away nations to which the people in the story have some form of opinion on. The story itself takes place at sea and on an island. And is rife with bloodshed, romance, vengeance, cowardice, guilt, flirting dwarves, grumpy trolls, honorable ogres, soldiers, mages  and lots of pirates! I intend to keep things mostly SFW but your definition of that may vary from mine so if the mere mention of one guy appreciating another or a group of people falling asleep in the same bed is going to shock you to the core then this is not a story for you.  I will say this in warning though:
There is a lot of violence and bloodshed in this tale. I might perhaps have apologized on that score,  except I haven’t written anything that I didn’t think was necessary. But I think the warning is probably apt.

Expect more updates to the story and occasional revisions throughout the month of November and feel free to ask me anything about it here or on Twitter. Also I hope you will marvel with me at the awesome piece of ship art, artist and Twitter-quaintance of mine Jessie Lam graciously has lent to the project:

"Ships Stern in Sunlight" by Jessie Lam

“Ships Stern in Sunlight” by Jessie Lam

You can see more of her work here at Jessie’s online gallery. <- Click! (Subtle, no? I should be in advertising!)

So let me give you a quick overview of the character of Agnes Adair, as she was before I started writing:

A Pirate!

Ever since Dave Georgeson explained about the intelligent quest system SOE are planning for EQN Arkayde and I have been gossiping about how we can play characters that are more diverse and complex than your average RPG Goody-goody hero or Baddie-bad… uhh bad guy.  I have always wanted to play a character that was ruthless and practical but not without compassion. I imagine Robin Hood would have been such a person. He would have had to wade through a lot of blood to Give from the rich to the poor and besides, who he not have kept quite a lot of the spoils to himself? I think so. Regardless, My character has to be some form of rogue, a deadly killer when necessary,  and someone with an overactive survival instinct. A little petty too and quite selfish with a lust for the life and shiny things and contempt for rules and society. That started me thinking about an old movie I used to love as a little girl The Crimson Pirate!

Burt Lancaster… whew, now there was a smile to set your pants on fire. I sat down to re-watch it, and it is still fun and silly and swashbuckling.  But it occurred to me that he was a lot of those things I described above. A rogue is not a charming person who might nick your wallet but also a chaste kiss from your lips in parting. Nuhuh! And then I remembered Geena Davies’ pirate captain. Dirty, drinking, fighting, scratching she was brilliant!

You can board my ship any time, Geena, m’darlin’! (Don’t tell her I said this!)

I may not be able to officially roll a pirate class (though who knows?) but with the abilities to customize your class and fighting to the degree EQN are promising, I hope I can at least make a rogue, with a cutlass and some dirty fighting.

Captain Duke! Eric Balfour having a pirate moment in Haven.

A Half-Elf

So my character has to be a little funny, a bit scary, a thief, a murderer and a little bit of an anarchist (I can only take so much anarchy even from a character, before my eyes start rolling).  But she also has to have some redeeming qualities as well. So she will have what she perceives as her own set of principles. Things she won’t do, people she won’t hurt or allow to be hurt. That decided the race for me and I really hope I will be able to roll her as a half-elf. If there was ever a ‘race’ of our own species that have been mistreated equally by every other it has been anyone of mixed heritage.  I imagine growing up in a world with multiple species and being a child of two would impart that lesson just as painfully in a made-up world. In fact as I recall the half-elves in Freeport in EQ2 had a long tradition of having to fend off abuse from other races for not being ‘pure’.

An Aggie

The first MMO character I truly cared about was Aggie the Troll Resto Shaman I had in World of Warcraft. Have in fact, I just visited with her this week.  Since then every MMO I have played there has been some derivation of the name. Originally the name was born from the Discworld’s Aggy Hammerthief and Big Aggi. Mix that up with Wee Mad Arthur and it ended up becoming my gamer tag a few years ago.  So if I’m putting this much effort into a character she has to be another Aggie. I have also since discovered that I much prefer to play characters that are cute or pretty, rather than grotesque so it won’t be another Troll regardless of the options available.

Aggie di troll, mon!

A Red-head

Because red-heads are cool and sexy, didn’t you know?

Captain Amy Pond, Aaaarh!


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