Craftly – Aqua Spa Set

I’ve been delving into cotton crocheting finally. That’s been something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. We happened upon a great price on Bernat variegated super packs and I picked a cool aqua.

I was trying out a corner-to-corner dish cloth pattern by Ananda Judkins when I thought it might make a pretty luxurious towel. It’s think and absorbent. It ought to make a great towel. So I did. I modified the original pattern from a square to a rectangle and ended up with a really think yummy towel. It took A LOT of yarn. But it was so worth it.

Aqua Spa Set – Towel.

It wasn’t until I was almost done that C. suggested it would make a great gift for his sister. But who gives just a towel? And I had a smidgen left over from the 3(!) extra large skeins of cotton. Enough I thought for maybe a wash cloth and something more. As it turned out I had enough for a bath poof. I found the pattern for this one at Daisy Cottage Designs, though you can find tons of free patterns for poofs online.

Aqua Spa Set – Bath Poof

It still didn’t seem like an entire gift yet. So I went digging and came up with:

A bath scrub! I went with this cute pattern from Moogly but I added a strap across on the back instead and made it a little bigger and more rectangular.


Aqua Spa Set – Bath Scrub

Which led me to a set of these uber cool face scrubbies from Dabbles & Babbles:

Aqua Spa Set – Face Scrubbies

And then to these re-usable cotton pads for makeup removal which I just adore!

Aqua Spa Set – Reusable Cotton Pads

All in all I think it made for a great collection.


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