BOOKS – A Slow Death by James Craig

Life, at the best of times, is a slow death with the final destination far out of sight. But when your back’s at Death’s Door there really are only a couple of things to do:

Get drunk, have a wank and do the job that’s in front of you. That’s Max Drescher, hard-bitten Kriminalinspektor working his neighborhood beat in the concrete boil of 1990s Berlin.

A Slow Death by James Craig (cover)

A Slow Death by James Craig (cover)

The city boils as orphaned ideologies launch themselves at the cops in a frustrated street war, politely ignored by anyone outside the streets in question. But with anarchy swelling and poised to drown what police the city’s precincts can pit against the tide, newly reconstituted Berlin is ripe for organized criminal interests.
On Drescher’s desk is a grizzly case of suburban overkill as well as his own death sentence. After a life of ‘good enough’s Max decides to leave the force on his own terms. With whoever is responsible for painting his city in blood either in the morgue or behind bars.

James Craig delivers a fast-paced classic noir detective story with a twist, complete with the family man partner, the lousy boss and one a very bad dame.
This page-turner paints an everyday urban life in an unsettled time where politics, religion, anti-gay hatreds and old-fashioned virtues meet in a free-for-all melee. Where brotherly love and forgiveness is preached just loudly enough to obscure the fear and repugnance.
It gives us the classic downtrodden, alcohol-sodden detective but how he would look today: Gay, kind of a dick, and as straight-laced as a pair of ass-less chaps.

About the Author:

James Craig is a writer and consultant living in London.
This is his first Max Drescher novel. He also writes an ongoing series about London detective John Carlyle

A Slow Death is published by up-and-coming UK crime fiction publisher Fahrenheit Press

I recommend reading this book! Buy your copy here:

A Slow Death by James Craig

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Book provided by publisher Fahrenheit Press in exchange for unbiased review.


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