Rumour Mill: Moon Knight Might Come to Netflix

According to Heroic Hollywood’s Umberto Gonzalez it is very likely we will see the tormented vessel of the god Khonshu aka Mark Spectre aka Moon Knight show up on Netflix.

Possibly we will get to encounter the white cloaked crime fighter in a backdoor pilot sometime in the next few years. He will need a positive reception from viewers before any stand-alone series are greenlit but who wouldn’t want to watch a series about a guy possessed by an ancient Egyptian god?

This is all only one disc’s throw away from sheer speculation but that doesn’t make it any less worth hoping for!

Marvel surprised Netflix viewers with how dark and rough-edged it would go with its re-telling of Daredevil, who was always on the dark side given its roots as Marvel‘s answer to Batman. Or would that be Moonknight, according to Umberto Gonzalez? Or which chicken came before which egg exactly?


You can’t dig into any Marvel character and not uncover mature themes, tough moral dilemmas or heartbreaking sacrifice. It’s been one of their best features and Netflix allows them to tell a story that exists outside of child-friendly network television land. This is where Netflix has been a shining star lately. Take the success of their hit show Sens8 as an example of how awkward and ‘doesn’t-fit-the-mold’, can shine given the right stage.

FAN ART: Moon Knight by Tom Kelly

FAN ART: Moon Knight by Tom Kelly

This development isn’t applauded universally by comic book fans of course. Mostly because you can’t have three fans of any fandom agree on anything anyways. But I feel confident that there will still be saccharine stories sans sex, blood or anything fun. At least for the foreseeable future while silver foxes hold the purse strings of media.

Collider Heroes, hosted by John Schepp spoke to Umberto Gonzalez (EIC and founder of Hollywood Heroes) where the tidbit of Moonknight’s possible screen future was mentioned (Look 10 minutes in on the video below). Watch here for a delightfully unfiltered chat about Antman, Wasp, and the future of Marvel‘s cinematic universe.


You gotta love the way nerd men can geek out over Vin Diesel so hard they turn downright cute.

Mark Spectre aka Moonknight could be a very good fit for Netflix. He’s tormented, insane and enslaved. You could call him a Deadpool without the funnies or a Punisher in fancy dress with Egyptian magic or possibly the brooding lovechild of both.

Hey, it could happen!

Moon Knight by Carsten Biernat

FAN ART: Moon Knight by Carsten Biernat

If you have never encountered Moonknight before now may be a good time to hit the comics. Try the new 2014 series, written by Warren Ellis and drawn/coloured by Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire.

MoonKNight 2014 series, variant cover by Bill Sienkiewicz

MoonKNight 2014 series, variant cover by Bill Sienkiewicz

The 2006 series is available on Marvel Unlimited. Written by Charlie Huston, art by David Finch is a truly gorgeous art-ride and well worth your time if you like stories similar to Daredevil, Batman or Dr. Strange:
Moon Knight (2206) #1 Cover art by David Finch

Moon Knight (2206) #1 Cover art by David Finch
Or you could get a feel for him in Marvel Heroes Online where he is without a doubt one of the most fun characters to play both, for the devastating swath of ricochet beatdown and for the ongoing dialogue between him and Khonshu.

In fact if you haven’t played MHO yet, do so. It’s free and it is hands down the best F2P experience in the history of gaming. You should try it for that alone. Or if you were ever a fan of Diablo 2. Or if you like beating things up as Squirrel Girl…

Moon Knight, Marvel Heroes Online 2015

Moon Knight, Marvel Heroes Online 2015


*You can see Summerset’s colouring of Mike Deodato’s MK here.


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