Books – Extinction Point by Paul Antony Jones

Extinction Point by Paul Antony Jones

Extinction Point by Paul Antony Jones

It’s been too long since I picked up a new book from a (to me) fresh author and which just transported me right away. But that’s exactly what happened with Extinction Point by Paul Antony Jones (@PaulAntonyJones), the first in his ongoing series about Emily, a survivor from a planetwide apocalypse. (Published by 47North. Feb. 19, 2013).

Emily’s story is a nail-biting, toes-off-the-floor bag of surprises that left me guessing the whole way. Follow the only adult woman in the state of New York without a driver’s license as she overcomes crippling hopelessness, to stubborn her way out of a city heaped hip high in the dead. Her first problem? She survived when no one else did. But that doesn’t mean she’s not alone…

Emily is plunged into a nightmarish last-woman-alive scenario when a strange affliction wipes out everyone she knows, in fact, everyone in the city of New York and possibly beyond. But an impossible voice from the furthest reaches of the continent gives her hope and purpose. The means for that escape, however, she must create for herself.

Extinction Point is packed full of nightmarish scenes that yet leave you wondering if the threat is real or not until Jones puts the proverbial hammer down. And the questions keep piling up as Emily encounters one impossibility after another.

Admittedly I often steer clear of “apocalyptica” with the possible exception of zombie tales. But this book came to me so highly recommended I had to read it. Word-of-mouth still makes for the most surefire way for me to pick up any book.

Well, word-of-the-right-mouth anyway.

Jones writes a female lead who’s just a person. I cannot stress enough how important that is to me, nor adequately state how high praise it is on my part to offer any author. He doesn’t write about a woman, as a man peeking in through a foggy glass at a strange alien creature with mystical reproductive capabilities. He just writes about a human being, flawed, clumsy a little stupid a lot like you and me and it was a pleasure to read.

Hopefully, Jones’s process is somewhat different than Melvin’s in “As Good As It Gets“:

That was Julie Benz (Buffy, Angel, Defiance) by the way.

I would recommend reading this book. Get it here:

Buy Extinction Point by Paul Antony Jones


Shoutout to @Sere_Sector for the book recommend.


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