Screenie a Day – Mass Effect

A Screenie a day is an idea I’ve toyed with now and then over the years. I’ve posted screenshots of whatever I happen to be playing at the time, usually to Twitter and I’m sure I’ll keep doing that. But I’m sure I’m not alone in having a growing collection of screenshots I just can’t quite bear to delete in any major hard disk cleanup.
It may not be quite the same as grandma’s photo album but in a lot of ways, these captured memories are of equal value if for no other reason then because they hold a small piece of how I felt, what I saw, what I thought in that particular moment.
And when I compare my screenshots to those of friends playing the same game I realize that just like with a camera, we tend to focus on different aspects of a scene. In other words, though similar everybody’s screenies are a little bit different.
Regardless, treat this as something to ignore or as an image here and there that brings up good memories of games you played. For me, it gives me an online, tag-searchable directory of my favorite screenshots. Imminently worth doing just for that.
I’ll try to mix them up but expect a lot of Mass Effect screenies over the next few weeks (*cough* months *cough*).

And with that where else to start than with this iconic scene which I always, always screenshot in every Mass Effect playthrough:


For the uninitiated, this is the first moment in BioWare’s Mass Effect series, in which the player sees a Reaper, the primary antagonists of the series. Although at the time we didn’t really understand the scope of the threat these sentient machines were to evince on the story.

My very first playthrough of Mass Effect happened in 2010 when my then very new boyfriend insisted I give this Xbox game of his a try. I found a profound love for the story and world of Mass Effect and an equal growing loathing of controllers. Years later with at least four copies of Mass Effect 1 between us, my preference is always to play it on a PC.


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