Screenie a Day – Mass Effect, Wrex

It makes little sense to declare a character as one of the most beloved in a franchise like Mass Effect. They all are! That’s what BioWare has always delivered on, characters that we love, or love to hate, characters that move us.

Wrex, Virmire, Mass Effect 1

Wrex, Virmire, Mass Effect 1

So now that we’re agreed it doesn’t make sense to declare one character more beloved than another I give you the star of the show and one of my favorites: Wrex.

From his banter to his rugged good looks and uncompromising taciturn attitude, Wrex is the warrior. The terse paladin. The battered old prizefighter. He is your shield, your rock in the storm. Alright that’s probably laying it on a little thick and I can picture him facepalming so I’ll just leave you with this tidbit bit of background information Wrex:

He’s voiced by Steven Barr who has also done Dragon Age: Origins and EverQuest II voice work. He also starred as Commander Brudnicki in The Perfect Storm and he’s appeared on X-Files and Angel to name a few of the many TV series he’s been on.

Wrex is one of the last Krogan Battlemasters, who are famed for their grit and biotic abilities, and a progressive thinker and leader among his people. All wrapped up in a Juggernaut bundle of barely leashed violence. Wrex doesn’t take crap from anybody including one jumped up squishy little human, even if she does make him laugh all the time.

And he’s so tiny!

Wrex takes a size 10XTall in shirts

Wrex takes a size 10XTall in shirts


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