Screenie a Day – Mass Effect, Citadel 02

Dug up another great shot of the Citadel. For an aging game like Mass Effect, it’s glamor spots are still breathtaking and the citadel was always the fabulous star of the story.


It captures my imagination that every one of those lights might be a window to someone’s home or office.

The space station which the council races wrongly believe to be built by the Protheans is about 13km wide and 45km long. It houses 13.2 million residents and weighs approximately 7.11 billion metric tons.

Gravity differs depending on where you are. Out on the long arms, the wards, it’s close to Earth standard with 1.02 G while in the center ring which houses the Presidium the gravity is a mere 0.3 standard G’s.

You can just make out the Destiny Ascension crossing the inner perimeter of the station.


Mass Effect wiki


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