Screenie a Day – Mass Effect, Cuttlefish!

I can’t look at these two images without hearing the drums herald the start of one of the best pieces of music in Mass Effect.

Citadel attack, Mass Effect

Citadel attack, Mass Effect

The stakes and the urgency are tuned to a rapier point in the story here. I swear my heart was hammering in my chest the first time I played this segment. And just look at Sovereign, could it be any more menacing?

Sovereign Citadel attack, Mass Effect

Sovereign Citadel attack, Mass Effect

In all honesty, I’ll never be able to look at cuttlefish and not see it’s future galactic genetic destiny:



Maybe some of Leviathan’s cousins had cute golden stripes too?
Leviathan, of course, is the DLC for Mass Effect 3 which explains why the majority of Reapers are more or less the same basic cuttlefish shape. In short, because they are created in the image of their makers who were… Cuttlefish. Well really big cuttlefish with mind control powers, but still. Isn’t sci-fi the best? \o/


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