Screenie a Day – Atlas Mech, ME3

Normally I’m not a big fan of mechs. Not in the way that I see some people lose their minds over any game or movie that even hints of mechs (Pacific Rim anyone?).

But the Atlas mech is just darned cool. Intimidating when you go up against it the first time, sure but cool all the same and then they let you drive one later!

Atlas Mech - ME3

Atlas Mech – ME3

Also, of note, the first or one of the first time you encounter one of these babies in Mass Effect 3, the game slow motions to really let it sink in how screwed you are.

Protip: There’s an exhaust port located at the rear of the mech which purportedly gives you a 40% damage boost. So in the immortal words of Deadpool: Put one up Main street!

Interesting tidbit: This mech was supposedly developed based off the YMIR mechs of Mass Effect 2. 


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