Mass Effect 3 Screenie of the Day – Remember the Vorcha

Every story has its down-trodden sad villains. In Mass Effect it’s definitely the Vorcha. The sentient species with the shortest life spans, Vorcha live only to an approximate age of 20 though most die far younger due to their aggressive nature and the dangerous areas they inhabit due to being pushed out on the fringes of society.

Considered little better than talking vermin, these amazing creatures have spread across Council Space, filling every role nobody else wants including flying kamikaze fighters for Arya and later in defense against the Reapers.

Vorcha, ME3, Omega DLC

Vorcha, ME3, Omega DLC

The adaptation of the Vorcha is phenomenal. They grow stronger hearts and muscles in high gravity environments, grow thicker skin when their epidermis is cut or burned, they are even able to adapt their lungs to low oxygen areas or contaminated air. In short the Vorcha, or at least their bodies and cell structures, are a marvel of adaptive biology.

Apart from their uses as shock troops, a task they do not as a species object to in the least as it offers them an outlet for their violent aggressions, Vorcha make excellent space station maintenance, duct and sanitation workers. They never get sick and are easy to keep happy. A few scraps, some tech you were going to throw away anyway, an old gun and they’re happy as Vorchas in muck!

And yet we treat them as worse than vermin. On Omega they even have regularized culling of the Vorcha population and nobody bats an eye. Or they used to anyways, before the Reapers came.

As Bloodpack drop troops and Omega’s Void Devils, Vorcha fought alongside Asari, Salarians, Turians, Krogans and Humans. They bled with us. They defended Eath! They died in the Bowling Green Massacre! So please find it in your hearts to remember the sacrifices of the Vorcha. They died (in droves) so we could live.

Smeagol knows what it’s like to play second or third fiddle to a story’s villains and their henchmen. Nobody below you on the bottom rungs of society.

The above video created by LJamesWalters. Visit his channel for a lot more Smeagol covers!


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