Mind Space – Faxom 5, The Vast and the Deep

It’s the second installment of Mind Space and time to buckle down and find out how the format of this series should be.

My primary goal is to add a drop of beauty in the stream of bad news and hate and misery that rolls by on our social media every day and every hour. Not to obscure the serious issues, nor to pretend that they don’t exist! But to give to myself and perhaps to you one brief moment of respite before we go back in the fray of upholding principles, spreading the voices that need to be heard, discussing, arguing and learning.

To make a moment where we just breathe.

I hope with this to simultaneously up the amount of beauty I post and speak about, to share the work of artists that I enjoy and hey maybe spread the word a little about a comparably small but solid subgroup of art that I’ve always had much love for, namely fantastic space art or Photoshop created space.

So drown with me in the darkness of Faxom 5 by NeroVII. It’s cratered surface is reminiscent almost of a choppy sea but the lights in the night shadow across the planet give the truth to it’s tortured skin.

Faxom 5 by Nerovii (Click image to visit original)

Faxom 5 by Nerovii
(Click image to visit original)

More than anything you are reminded here of how small we are, us ants that scurry on the surface of a world.
Planet doesn’t care about your woes.

If you create art that falls into this category feel free to contact me for a post (or posts) with your work at WMABlogging @ gmail DOT com.


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