Mass Effect 3 Screenie a Day – Nyreen and Vetra Nyx

Yesterday BioWare set the Mass effect fan community ablaze with yet another tidbit of information about their upcoming installment in the universe, Mass Effect Andromeda. This time it was a little information abut the female Turian crew mate spotted in the trailer, Vetra Nyx.

The original Mass Effect and the follow-up Mass Effect 2 took flak for only showing male varieties of the different species and female varieties. While female Krogan were briefly mentioned in ME2 it wasn’t until the third game that we got to see one, or any Salarian females. The only female Turian we’ve encountered so far is Nyreen who’s an old acquaintance of Aria T’Loak’s and plays an important role in the Omega DLC.

Nyreen, Mass Effect 3, Omega DLC

Nyreen, Mass Effect 3, Omega DLC

It’s interesting to note the differences between the two. While the slender and more tapered shape of their faces gives a clear feminine vibe, so much as that’s a possibility for an avian race, they are still both very unique faces even if you ignore the face paint.

I do have one confession when it comes to female Turians though and it’s entirely Garrus‘ fault. I’m always expecting a LOT of flexibility!

You can learn more about Vetra Nyx by visiting her bio page at


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