Mass Effect Andromeda Partners With ESA To Give 6 Gamers An Astronaut Experience

BioWare and the European Space Agency has teamed up to put six fans and prospective Pathfinders through three days of grueling, exciting, mind-opening astronaut training at the European Astronaut Centre in Cologne, Germany. These lucky six will get a taste of what it really means to be human pioneers in space.

Watch the video below which was just now (Friday, February 10) released on the Andromeda Initiative website:

The six lucky Pathfinder recruits are:

Andromeda Initiative's Six recruits

Andromeda Initiative’s Six recruits

Squeezie from France
TheGrefG from Spain
Pietsmiet from Germany
Jane from the UK
SciFun from Poland
Steffan from the UK

The lucky devils and they get to have fun with zero gravity? And eat space paste? And dance with the Oompa-Loompas?? Wait no that was a different sort of tour. Still, I am so jealous of their golden tickets, I could just burst!

But let’s have a look at what sort of training they might be facing. After all, if it was easy to become an astronaut we’d all be on the ISS right now, wouldn’t we?

Condensing all of that intense training down to a three-day jaunt is going to make for a hectic schedule. In actuality, ESA’s full astronaut training takes about 30 months and our six hopefuls will, or so I presume, only be dipping into a few of the (hopefully) more fun activities of real astronaut training.

ESA Astronaut training overview

ESA Astronaut training overview

So grueling or no, our six Mass Effect fans maybe going to experience about ten percent of what’s listed above. Now, I recall work experience weeks from way back when and those seemed to consist mostly 4 days of peeling potatoes and half an hour of being shown around the restaurant by an annoyed cook. I trust, however, that the ESA has put something far better together for our six peeps to try out. There’s no confirmation yet of exactly which activities the six Pathfinders will get to try but I think good money’s on a trip in the pool with full astronaut gear.

The ESA tweeted their well-wishes for the two squads earlier today and certainly didn’t downplay how tough the training would be:

Yikes! I’m sure you’ll join with me in wishing our six Pathfinders good luck, right after we’re all done cursing their good fortune.
And to the six Pathfinders: We’ll be counting on you guys to make Mass Effect gamers look cool in the eyes of the world. No pressure!

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EA UK Just posted a tweet today with a group photo of all the Pathfinder recruits:


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