ME3 Screenie of the Day – Athame

In ancient times the Asari goddess of Athame was one of prophecy and fate. She was also the matriarch of the Asari pantheon. With Janiri and Lucen as her guides, she taught the Asari mathematics and medicine. Janiri taught them about agriculture and Lucen about the stars.

Statue of Athame on Thessia, ME3

Statue of Athame on Thessia, ME3

Athame also protected Thessia from attacks of other, jealous gods and her weapons are a sword and shield. Her temple on Thessia stands as a reminder of her influence on the Asari people.

Of course, the truth behind the myth was slightly different. Athame was a Prothean who may indeed have helped to uplift the Asari, hurrying their understanding and technological capability along so they might make good slaves for the Protheans. Or possibly so they might kick Reaper ass when the cycle of extinction came around again. What we do know is that the temple on Thessia hid an active Prothean beacon and that the oldest depictions of Athame look more Prothean than Asari.

You encounter the statue and temple during the Priority: Thessia mission in Mass Effect 3. Bring Javik for extra commentary and Liara‘s uncomfortable squirming.

In the Mass Effect universe, there’s a Hydrogen-Helium gas planet with spectacular rings in the Asari home system of Parnitha that’s named Athame. And in our universe, an athame is a type of dagger used in Wiccan rituals.


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