ME2 Screenie a Day – Jacob Taylor

In the interest of completionism, which is something I know I share with a lot of you gamers out there, here’s Jacob. Possibly the dullest character in the BioWare gallery of characters and I’m including Avina, the Citadel guide VI in that lineup.

Jacob Taylore, Lazarus Project, Mass Effect 2

Jacob Taylor, Lazarus Project, Mass Effect 2

Apart from having some seriously strange facial movements, Jacob Taylor is, in terms of class lineup, your in-betweener who can do Pull, Incendiary ammo and can learn Barriers. But Jack or Miranda’s biotics are better or more useful, Grunt is a better tank and Urz the Varren has more personality.

It’s a bit of a kick in the quad that the only character we’re bringing over from the Shepard storyline in the new Mass Effect Andromeda is Avina. I mean Avina? Seriously? I hope Sarah Ryder has a bootleg Shepard VI tucked away in her cabin or something.

It just always bummed me out. We finally get a person of color on the team and he might as well be a cardboard cutout. Damn. I’ve got a lot of expectations riding on Liam Kosta for Mass Effect Andromeda, although just looks and voice-wise he’s already miles ahead in the personality department.

His loyalty mission, on the other hand, is worth doing. It’s got an old-fashioned hardcore sci-fi feel to that leaves you a little nauseous with its implications and the dark mirror it holds up to humanity. Lord of the Flies meets a Handmaid’s Tale in a condensed half hour game story. The MSV Hugo Gernsback, Ronald Taylor’s ship that crashed on the planet Aeia, is named after the founder of the first science fiction magazine.

How did you deal with Jacob’s dad at the end?

Not everyone hates the guy. Kasumi Goto. the master thief in the Mass Effect 2 DLC Stolen Memory, quickly developed a mighty if shallow crush for our Jacob’s toned shoulders anyways and Mass Effect Galaxy, a Mass Effect spin-off developed for IOS, was originally titled “Jacob’s Story”.

Why are you so mad, Tayla?

Why are you so mad, Tayla?

Know your meme.


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