Mass Effect 3 Screenie of the Day – I Don’t Need Luck I’ve Got Ammo

Grunt is my brother. On the surface, he’s about as complicated as a brick and that seems to be the flavor of his diplomacy too but don’t let this lost Krogan pup fool you into thinking he’s stupid. He’s not and while he may not have a quint or crap dark matter, My boy Urdnot Grunt can take on a whole horde of reaper Rachni’s on his own with his bare fists! If that is, you promise to make him a sammich afterward!

Grunt, Mass Effect 3, Utukku.

Grunt, Mass Effect 3, Utukku. Quote: I don’t need luck. I’ve got ammo!

He also has the most delightful Krogan war giggle in the universe. I think somewhere a Mimbrate knight named Mandorallen is nodding a solemn approval of this stalwart companion.

If you cure the Genophage, and don’t pick Synthesis at the end of Mass Effect 3, you’ll get to see him and his adoptive clan leader Wrex welcomed back on Tuchanka as heroes by an army of cheering Krogan.


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