Sam Shepard – ME2 Screenie Of The Day

My current playthrough I finally, finally managed to build a custom male Shepard that I love.

Meet Samuel (Sam) my hot AF Israeli Shepard:

Sam Shepard, ME2.

Sam Shepard, ME2.

I find it odd that it is much harder for me to coordinate a non-default male face with Mark Meer‘s voice than a female one with Jennifer Hale‘s. Partly, I think, because the default BroShep face for me is so linked to that voice whereas, despite valiant or horrific, depending on your opinion, efforts in ME2 default Femshep is a more nebulous affair.

Sam, though, totally works with Mark’s voice which will allow me to differentiate between this guy and his Liara romance and the next playthrough with default BroShep and his Tali wooing. No, I don’t use a spreadsheet, why do you ask?

His code, in case I want to play him again. You are of course free to use it as well:



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