Angel Blue Eyes of Miranda Lawson – ME2 Screenie

Without a doubt, the simultaneously most attractive and competent addition to the Mass Effect character gallery in Mass Effect 2 was Miranda Lawson.

Miranda Lawson , ME2

Miranda Lawson , ME2

The genetically tailored perfect woman who proved by that very nature to be intractable to her self-absorbed shallow millionaire dad’s plans for her. That’s right people, perfect women come with free will, whodathunk?

Miranda Lawson, ME2

Miranda Lawson, ME2

Miranda’s skills have a pretty far reach as she’s the one in charge of the Lazarus project tasked with bringing Shepard back to life, she runs a large information network of her own and in her copious free time she’s a deadly active operative for Cerberus.

Despite all her accomplishments she never seems to feel they are worth as much as anyone else’s because of her origins. Her father would have spared no expense plying those crafted genes with the best schooling money can buy. Miranda’s background story therefore, is a question of nature vs nurture or more specifically a question of talent vs. training.

Miranda Lawson, ME2

Miranda Lawson, ME2

Miranda’s voice actor, Yvonne Strahowski (Chuck, 24, The Handmaid’s Tale!), also imparted some of her looks to the badass Cerberus Operative though sadly not her glorious hair. I suppose as perfection goes even futuristic genetic manipulation can be off base.

Miranda Lawson ME2

Miranda Lawson ME2

Her dry and acerbic commentaries throughout ME2  are always a highlight for me but if you gain her loyalty and bring her on the final mission to have her blow off the Illusive Man to his face and hang up on him is just such a high point of the story.

I think the most important reason people love Miranda is how utterly capable and ruthless she is. Her devotion to practicality certainly speaks to my own preferences.

And there is something so uplifting as a woman to have a character like Miranda in a game. Really makes you feel like women can be more than just the packaging.

Miranda's Ass, ME2

Miranda’s Ass, ME2


Yes, that was a bit of sarcasm because frankly, the male-gaze camera in ME2 is so over the top with Miranda that I can’t imagine it wasn’t meant as a subtle barb on itself. As is the physical properties of her suit. That has to be bodypaint, anything else makes no sense to me.


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