Thank You

Thank Yous are such inadequate and impersonal ways of expressing gratitude to the kindness of friends and strangers. It took a lot of hemming and hawing – literally years of it – before I put up a call for supporters on this blog. And within twenty minutes I had my first actual donation. To you that may sound like a cool thing. She got some money, maybe rent or new shoes won’t be as much of a battle next month. And that is true! But understand this, getting paid for words, whether that’s in money, or in a cup of coffee or in beta reading, is tremendously validating. I will be the first person to say you are a writer if you are writing. End of story. Truth. But you are a paid writer when someone thinks you are worth their time or money (or a cup of Joe to keep writing). And for that Thank You just doesn’t cut it.

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Thank you:


Kiry, who donated 40$ to my PayPal, November 9, 2015

Drifting, who has read every piece of garbage I’ve put on a page since 2012(?)

Arkayde, who has supported my writing when no one, not my family, not friends of old, ever did. It’s all on you, baby!

Robin, who gifted me a set of bamboo hooks on this day,¬†November 9, 2015 (and I’m still squeeing because omg gorgeous hooks!)

Bridget, who on Dec. 30, 2015 donated 10$ to keep a lowly writer in coffee this month!!