If there is an all-encompassing word for loves to read, write, watch and play stories the same way the word ‘gamer’ denotes the above for gaming then that’s me.

I’m passionate about RPGs, science-fiction or fantasy novels, TV or movies. Marvel’s ditto. The only stories I fangurl more over than BioWare’s are those of Honorverse or the Ankh-Morpork City Watch.

I love and live with my wonderful boyfriend, fellow gamer and partner in all things particularly mischief who makes me a nicer person than I was before I met him.

Together with our horde of cats, Milo, Jack, Arya, Tali and Miranda we slay dragons, shoot zombies and save the galaxy many times a month. In fact, I think the galaxy might owe us some backpay.


3 thoughts on “Me

    • Thank you! I adored the style on your blog. Not just the blog itself but your choice of images is spot on. I actually thought you were going to stick with B/W images for a minute and I felt that added an extra layer of artistry which could be very welcoming to readers who wouldn’t pounce on your use of sci-fi icons. Think about it, won’t you?

      – Aggie

  1. I am flattered by your kind comments. I often do prefer a decent black and white photo to color, it really just depends on the shot and my mood though. I will consider your suggestion – keeping all the images black and white on my blog. I can see how that might be a worthy stylistic choice. Thanks again for the feedback!

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