Below you will find a list of backgrounds used on the site along with a little information on their respective creators.These images are free for personal use only. If you do intend to use one then please do the artist the favor of visiting their gallery or site. A visit, hitting ‘Like’ on their Facebook, ‘favourite’ on deviantART or sending them a tweet; any one of these options conveys to them that their effort is appreciated and it doesn’t cost anything to do so.

Backgrounds in chronological order:


Sith Marauder Detail by Tony Vass.

This is a detail cut-out of his original which you can see here: Sith Marauder by Tony Vass.

Tony is 33, married and lives with his wife, Deedlit the dog and blind Mew-Mew the cat in New Jersey. He’s a 2011 graduate of the Joe Kubert School in Dover, NJ. When he’s not drawing he’s working out, training mixed martial arts, shooting guns or in his copious free time playing video games.

Tony often updates his deviantART gallery with his work which currently includes spectacular frames for the upcoming comic Jinnrise.


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