Mass Effect Andromeda Free Fan-made Wallpapers


There are 37 days left until Mass Effect Andromeda is released and the hype has achieved lift-off with trailers, and the Andromeda Initiative introductory courses and sweet, sweet developer tweets like this one from Mass Effect producer Fabrice Condominas:

But it’s still not enough, is it? You want more! Everyone always wants more and they all come to…

/Blink. Get out of my head, Aria and mind your own store, missy!

Fabrice is on the right track handing over some eye candy goodies for our phone and if he’ll take some advice from someone who instantly put PeeBee on the cover of her tablet, it might be a good idea to offer some similar tasties with Jaal. I hear he already has a big, love-struck fanbase.

But there is more to wallow our Andromeda starved eyes in all thanks to my Twitter friend SimoN7 Gray. Ever since the first trailer’s release, this fabulous guy’s been quietly screen capping anything and everything and putting them up as¬†high-rez wallpapers for all to enjoy. And I mean everything. You can even find Cora and Scott Ryder’s steamy kiss in there and if you dress your Twitter up in that I want to know about it! These wallpapers will fit anything you want to dress up in Andromeda Initiative¬†colors!

Here are a couple of my favorites since as you know I’m crazy for all kinds of gorgeous space art:





So! Is your Twitter and Facebook Andromeda ready yet? Mine is!

Visit SimoN7 Gray’s whole gallery to see more and remember to return to it as he is still uploading new shots. Or better still follow him on Twitter to know when there is new eye candy available in his gallery.

On behalf of all of us Andromenubs: Thank you SimoN7 Gray!

Grungy Isaac Clarke Wallpapers – Dead Space Fan Art

With the launch of Dead Space 3 earlier this month, the arrival of two incredibly eye-catching wallpapers in my inbox from artist Stephen Craft seemed fortuitous indeed. Not only are they both gorgeous (and terribly hard to choose between), they are also free to use. Scroll down for a display of EA and Visceral Games‘ survival space horror that you can display in any company.

How did I come upon these wallpapers I hear you (not) asking?! At the start of November last year I did a fan art gallery for Dead Space protagonist Isaac Clarke called The Bold and the Damned РIsaac Clarke. One of the artists I originally contacted for that gallery was Stephen Craft. Not that long ago he got back to me with the news that he had reworked the original image, titled Shiver, into  these two gorgeous wallpapers:

Stephen dubbed the one above as “extra bloody” and the one below “…more simplified.”:

I really adore the grungy feel of both versions. Big, big kudos to Stephen on these. Here’s hoping he will consent to put these on T-shirts one day too though. I’d be down for one of each!

If you like the nitty-gritty style Stephen evokes with these two, I’d recommend a visit to his website: AFTERMTH for more nitty-gritty art or you can visit his gallery at deviantART: Xedgewolfx.

If you share one or both of the images above, please mention the artist and throw in a link to his site!