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Screenie a Day – Mass Effect

The Destiny Ascension, the flagship of the Citadel Fleet in BioWare’s Mass Effect, is what I think of when Rear Admiral Mikhailovich confronts Shepard with the viability of building a Stealth Recon vessel like the Normandy.

If ever there was a wasteful, useless boondoggle it has to be this gigantic thing. It is so big that one Volus, you can overhear in the Wards while talking about touring the ship said they’d barely managed to see ten percent of the vessel and it sports a crew of 10.000. Worth bearing in mind when you have to decide its fate from the perspective of what Shepard knows at that point in time. You aren’t just killing the Council!

If you’re min/maxing however, the choice is simple: Save the Council. The Destiny Ascension becomes a formidable dreadnaught in the fight to retake Earth in Mass Effect 3.

06 MassEffect 012217.jpg

In any case, it sure is pretty!

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  2. Screenie a Day – Mass Effect Leave a reply
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