Harley Quinn, Catwoman, Daenerys – Fan Art Interview w/ Yaşar Vurdem


Yaşar Vurdem is an illustrator, graphic designer and art student in Kayseri, Turkey. Besides his art, he enjoys science fiction movies and plays League of Legends. I cornered him for an interview so I could learn more about the man behind the heart-throbbing art you’ll see below!

Yaşar Vurdem

Yaşar Vurdem

Most of Yaşar Vurdem’s works displayed below are fan art pieces, because that’s my angle and it’s an area of creative arts that often gets relegated to dusty corners because of the inherent copyright issues. But, and this is usually true with anyone I interview here, Yaşar has so many more original and amazing pieces in his gallery that I really must urge you to treat yourself to a visit in one of them. They’re all linked below.

Red Ridinghood by Yaşar Vurdem (click image to see original)

Red Ridinghood by Yaşar Vurdem (click image to see original)

What else can you tell me about yourself? Where do you want to take your art for example?

I like to work on portraits. I think about writing a book. Which includes my art. About psychology of human and women who reflect our moods. I want to revive people’s inner world (with portraits and creatures).

My book will be like this. I will reflect reality with surreal portraits.


Harley Quinn by Yaşar Vurdem

Harley Quinn by Yaşar Vurdem (click image to see original)

Let’s talk about movies and TV. I sense that Margot Robbie‘s Harley Quinn from last year’s DC movie Suicide Squad must have seized your imagination, what is it about that character or actress that caught your interest so?

At first, she is so cute ^^ Margot Robbie… She (Harley Quinn ed.) is crazy… Someone who was very logical before. Her feelings are reflected in her body. We can see her soul mood. Effects of life!


Harley Quinn - Suicide Squad by Yaşar Vurdem

Harley Quinn – Suicide Squad by Yaşar Vurdem (click image to see original)

Most of your gallery consists of portraits of women done in a style that seems to blend Giovanni Bragolin with modern feathery Japanese art styles. Where do you take your inspiration from?

I like Japanese art. I often check old paintings and sketches. I’m very inspired by the old masters, Rembrandt for example and I’m really big fan of William-Adolphe Bouguereau‘s works. His colors and lights are just perfect. Really great for understanding human’s nature and skin…


Leaves by Yaşar Vurdem

Leaves by Yaşar Vurdem (click to visit original)


Marina Nery Portrait by Yaşar Vurdem

Marina Nery Portrait by Yaşar Vurdem

What does it take to get you fired up to do a fan art piece?

My fanart’s are sudden decisions. Unplanned works. I start working on it When I feel I have to do


Jhin Deadeye fanart by Yaşar Vurdem

Jhin Deadeye fanart by Yaşar Vurdem (click to see original)

What are you aiming toward as you firm up your individual style?

I’m aiming to improve anatomy and colors of my works. You could say I’m aiming for a line between realism and surrealism.

Gemma Ward by Yaşar Vurdem (click to see original)

Gemma Ward by Yaşar Vurdem (click to see original)

Gemma is here captured in her role as Tamara the mermaid in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

As a counterpoint to for example your Leaves piece or Marina Nery portrait above, your Durotan is so lifelike you almost expect him to blur into movement at any moment. The style here is quite different than the majority of your works. What were your thoughts working on this piece?

Durotan Fanart by Yaşar Vurdem

Durotan Fanart by Yaşar Vurdem

About my durotan portrait… Something beautiful can emerge at a time when you least expect it. This is the best example of it in my opinion. At this work I focused on different brush strokes and textures.

And it certainly shows, the lighting alone is breathtaking!

Game of Thrones caught your interest or certainly your beautiful rendition of Daenerys seems to indicate so. Are you a fan of the series, books or both? Was there anything in the TV series visual style that attracted you in particular?

I’m a fan of the GOT series. I like John Snow too as a series character. But I like to paint women in my art so thats why I go for Daenerys.
I like that how she looks natural.


Daenerys Targaryen by Yaşar Vurdem (click to visit original)

Daenerys Targaryen by Yaşar Vurdem (click to visit original)

Your Catwoman piece is also an exception among your other gallery pieces. Crisp and clear lines and the subject is active instead of passive. What were the circumstances that led you to draw her so?

I paint my catwoman in just 3 days. 4-5 hour’s in a day. I aimed at details and subject on this work. Her leather dress caught my attention very much.

I focused on so many details for it. The details were screaming at me like this Hey! Paint us paint us ! 😀


Catwoman by Yaşar Vurdem (click to visit original)

Catwoman by Yaşar Vurdem (click to visit original)

So what’s next for you?


In my future work, I will continue to focus on portraits and details. I’m planning to add special meaning to them, as I said earlier. 🙂 I’m really glad you like it.

Thank you so much for sharing your art and thoughts with me, Yaşar! I hope we’ll be seeing many decades more of art from you, my friend and I really do hope you write that book, it’ll be spectacular!

Please like and share this post so more people get to see the art style of Yaşar Vurdem. Who knows what sort of art or design gig might lay in wait for a talented young artist somewhere?

Deadpool by Yaşar Vurdem (click to visit original)

Deadpool by Yaşar Vurdem (click to visit original)

You can see more of Yaşar Vurdem’s art on:






Art Station

Meet Natalie Dormer’s Lexi T’Perro From Mass Effect Andromeda

Natalie Dorner has been revealed as the voice behind Doctor Lexi T’Perro the Asari medical expert on the Hyperion. Below you will find a few different interviews with the well-known Game of Thrones actress who is stepping into a world of BioWare nerds for the first time. Please be gentle with her guys!


Natalie describes Lexi as having a gruff and dry humor which she thinks makes sense to put to a British voice. And explains that Lexi is imperative to the player as the physician and psychologist of the crew she’s in charge Ryder’s well-being.

Lexi T'Parro

Lexi T’Perro

Lexi is academic in the way she thinks – she has a great interest in alien anatomy and she’s sort of omnipresent on Ryder’s journey through the game, to advise in this calm way.

Natalie Dormer to Wired

Creative Director Mac Walters explains about the character that:

“From a player’s perspective, the fact that you can go to her and get opinions on how you’re playing, how people are reacting to the decisions you’re making is a nice nod to some of the choices the player is making in the game.”

So Lexi is going to be a whole lot more for the player than Doctor Chakwas or Yeoman Chambers were. Yes, Chambers did comment on the squad and on Shepard’s actions but this sounds like much more and much deeper. He goes on to point out that:

“One thing that we really wanted to push on Andromeda is great characters who seem to be going on with their lives even when the player wasn’t around”

For example, Lexi has a rivalry with PeeBee and apparently a bit of a crush on Drack.

PeeBee Riding Ryder? I'm down with that!

PeeBee Riding Ryder? I’m down with that!

Here’s the video BioWare released on Natalie and Lexi. Big kudos to Caroline Livingstone, Performance & Voice Over Producer, who is the wizard behind the unique VO technology BioWare uses. I doubt you can find a heap of praises big enough to cover her contributions to voice acting or the impact her work has had on our gaming experience with BioWare games through the years.


Here’s another more informal interview with Natalie this time by WhatCulture. It’s always a bit odd to listen to two people talking about something you’ve been into for over a decade and they’ve just discovered but hey, I’m one of those weird 40-year-old women who plays Mass Effect, I think you’ll find there’s a lot of us, Ms. Dormer. Welcome to BioWare fanfiction btw /wave!

Wired also has an interview with Natalie from which the above-mentioned quote was borrowed.

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