Mass Effect Screenie a Day – Goodbye Shepard

Tomorrow is the official day. Tomorrow is when we finally say, in Saren Arterius’ immortal… uhh quite mortal words:

Paragon outcome scene in end battle in Mass Effect

Paragon outcome scene in end battle in Mass Effect

I just want us to take a brief moment to mourn and honor the life and legacy of one of the galaxy’s most famous spectres.

I mean Shepard of course, not Saren. He was a traitor to his people, a murderer, a sociopath, an embodiment of all things that are wrong with the idea of a government agency without oversight or rules. And he bloody well deserved what he got, the bastard.
Huh, so many years and I still hate this guy’s guts. Read Mass Effect: Revelation by Drew Karpyshyn to learn more about this character.

Why Eden Prime Was Ignored – Mass Effect Screenie

Eden Prime is the first planet you visit in Mass Effect and probably the or onr of the most successful extraterrestrial colonies of humanity. The planet is remarkably suited for human habitation and is of course in large part a farm planet as a result. Though I wonder what the transport cost of food must be in space.

Eden Prime, Mass Effect 1

Eden Prime, Mass Effect 1

It’s located near the Charon mass relay, a name which is itself a diabolical counterpoint to the heavenly naming schemes of the planets in the system.

The agrarian planet is described as a model for sustainable colonization. But it’s located on the doorstep of the Terminus systems, a lawless area of space practically hiving with scum and villainy. So it comes as no surprise to the experienced older races that the farmers on Eden Prime get hit by the Geth whom nobody has seen outside the Veil in centuries.

All of the above is information you can pick up in-game or on the wiki. So here’s my question: Below I’ve marked in green the Terminus Systems to Galactic North, The Perseus Veil and Rannoch where the Geth live/lived, and Eden Prime in the Exodus System.

So how exactly, dear council, is that a colony built on the borders of the Terminus Systems?


My careless scribbles across a map made by Am-P on deviantART. See below for actual map please.

That’s all I want to know about Eden Prime and why the council couldn’t lift a finger for those poor colonists.

Am-p’s Mass Effect Map

Maeko Matsuo – The Daily Mass Effect Screenie

Maeko Matsuo is the head of Port Hanshan’s Elanus Risk Control Services security forces. She challenges you when you disembark on Noveria with your squad. Unlike her underling, Kaira Stirling, she is cool even in the face of your undiplomatically pointed guns.

Maeko Matsuo, Port Hanshan, Mass Effect

Maeko Matsuo, Port Hanshan, Mass Effect

She’s an ex-marine and with more than just a touch of Japanese about her name and expressions. This is a lot more human cultural reference than we’re generally given in Mass Effect which focuses more on all the cool aliens rather than the internal differences of the tribes of humanity.

She is voiced by Kim Mae Guest who has done a tremendous amount of video game voice work including Hana Murakami (Zhu’s Hope) also from Mass Effect and Dawn Star from Jade Empire.

Meet Natalie Dormer’s Lexi T’Perro From Mass Effect Andromeda

Natalie Dorner has been revealed as the voice behind Doctor Lexi T’Perro the Asari medical expert on the Hyperion. Below you will find a few different interviews with the well-known Game of Thrones actress who is stepping into a world of BioWare nerds for the first time. Please be gentle with her guys!


Natalie describes Lexi as having a gruff and dry humor which she thinks makes sense to put to a British voice. And explains that Lexi is imperative to the player as the physician and psychologist of the crew she’s in charge Ryder’s well-being.

Lexi T'Parro

Lexi T’Perro

Lexi is academic in the way she thinks – she has a great interest in alien anatomy and she’s sort of omnipresent on Ryder’s journey through the game, to advise in this calm way.

Natalie Dormer to Wired

Creative Director Mac Walters explains about the character that:

“From a player’s perspective, the fact that you can go to her and get opinions on how you’re playing, how people are reacting to the decisions you’re making is a nice nod to some of the choices the player is making in the game.”

So Lexi is going to be a whole lot more for the player than Doctor Chakwas or Yeoman Chambers were. Yes, Chambers did comment on the squad and on Shepard’s actions but this sounds like much more and much deeper. He goes on to point out that:

“One thing that we really wanted to push on Andromeda is great characters who seem to be going on with their lives even when the player wasn’t around”

For example, Lexi has a rivalry with PeeBee and apparently a bit of a crush on Drack.

PeeBee Riding Ryder? I'm down with that!

PeeBee Riding Ryder? I’m down with that!

Here’s the video BioWare released on Natalie and Lexi. Big kudos to Caroline Livingstone, Performance & Voice Over Producer, who is the wizard behind the unique VO technology BioWare uses. I doubt you can find a heap of praises big enough to cover her contributions to voice acting or the impact her work has had on our gaming experience with BioWare games through the years.


Here’s another more informal interview with Natalie this time by WhatCulture. It’s always a bit odd to listen to two people talking about something you’ve been into for over a decade and they’ve just discovered but hey, I’m one of those weird 40-year-old women who plays Mass Effect, I think you’ll find there’s a lot of us, Ms. Dormer. Welcome to BioWare fanfiction btw /wave!

Wired also has an interview with Natalie from which the above-mentioned quote was borrowed.

Mass Effect Screenie Of The Day – Corporal Jenkins

Corporal Richard L. Jenkins is the first test of your ability as an N7 Commander in Mass Effect to get your squad alive through a mission. …You failed!

Richard Jenkins, Normandy, Mass Effect

Richard Jenkins, Normandy, Mass Effect

I’m afraid there is no way to play through the Eden Prime mission without Jenkins rushing out and getting himself killed like a total noob. And that’s of course where he gets his name from, his famous Earth ancestor of Leeroy Jenkins who made the same stunt with a horde of hungry baby dragons and wiped his raid in UBRS in WoW.

Godammit Leeroy!

In memory of this tragic loss to the Mass Effect universe, allow me to direct your eyes to the Ballad of Corporal Jenkins while I hum Danny Boy under my breath.

Jenkins is voiced by Josh Dean who also voiced Schells on the Citadel, Jonn Whitson in Mass Effect 2 and Henpecked Hou in Jade Empire. You can also see him in a few episodes of Blindspot!

Wherever Jenkins is, I hope he at least has chicken!

Wait! There’s one more video you need to watch before I let you go today:

Leeroy Jenkins reenvisioned. Directed by Finn O’Hara in 2012 for CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival

Leeroy Jenkins Re-envisioned. Directed by Finn O’Hara in 2012 for CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival. Tell me that wasn’t worth sticking around for?

Mass Effect Screenie Of The Day – This Effing Thing

We all have nits to pick with our favorite games. In Mass Effect the elevators are often brought up. The Mako obviously also a favorite thing to hate as are the collection quests.

But among the more obscure things that bug me this, whatever this is, takes a prominent place among my least enjoyable moments in Mass Effect.

I don't even know... It's on Feros in Mass Effect 1

I don’t even know… It’s on Feros in Mass Effect 1

I’ll grant you that it bugs me because steering the Mako with a keyboard sucks hairy monkey balls but still.Why is it there? What is its function?  It’s in the middle of the bloody road, why?




ME2 Screenie of the Day – Tali’Zorah vas Neema

Sweet Tali. I have yet to encounter a single Mass Effect player who dislikes Tali’Zorah, even among the few who for one reason or another dislike the Quarians. Ash Shroka who voices Tali and reprises the role in ME2 and 3 may not be as widely known as some of her co-stars in Mass Effect but did an absolutely stellar job with Tali, especially in ME2 and ME3 where our girl gets a lot more screen time and emotional playing field.

Tali'Zorah vas Neema, Normandy, ME2

Tali’Zorah vas Neema, Normandy, ME2

If there is anything I might criticize about Tali it would have to be an all-around critique of the whole Quarian helmet mystique. In no way, form or fashion should that be an unknown in an advanced galactic society.

What? Any Quarians who die and get autopsied away from the fleet have the procedure done with the helmet fused to their heads? Are Quarians, in fact, the space version of the Doctor Who Chula Nanogene fusion in The Empty Child?

Are you, in fact, this girl’s mommy?

Tali'Zorah vas Neema, Haestrom, ME2

Tali’Zorah vas Neema, Haestrom, ME2

If that Who/Mass Effect crossover joke was too obscure please leave a note in the comments below!

The text in the lead shot refers to Jacob‘s less than tactful comment when she joins the Normandy in Mass Effect 2. Cerberus’ relationship with the Migrant Fleet is not a happy one at that time so perhaps that’s where his cattiness is coming from. Personally, I think it’s because Tali is better with a shotgun than Taylor and a lot more useful to do missions with.

On the other hand, he doesn’t have to drink his booze with a straw. I’m sorry an emergency induction port!

Happy Emergency Induction Port Hour! (Artist unknown, sorry!)

Happy Emergency Induction Port Hour!
(Artist unknown, sorry!)

Mass Effect Andromeda News – A Look At The Combat Trailer


Today, to much fan fanfare, BioWare released the first in a series of videos that gives us a look at the combat through gameplay videos. It’s linked below so you can scroll right down to it, but here is the run-down of what it has to say about Weapons, Tech and Biotic skills in Mass Effect Andromeda and my thoughts on the matter.

Unsticky Cover

First of all the new dynamic cover system in ME:A will allow you to use anything for cover. Simply press against it and you’re in cover. We’ve heard last year that the cover system wouldn’t be Continue reading

FanArt Five – Mass Effect Andromeda

Here’s a quick fly-by of some amazing fan art talent on Tumblr who share my anticipation for what hands down will be the most important game release of 2017. Please visit, drop likes and follows. We’re all a big community who share a love for a massive and ever-growing fictional universe.

First, we have a wickedly sultry Peebee by Italian artist Ellieraptor. There’s a Tshirt design if ever I saw one.

Waiting For the Night to Come by Ellieraptor (click image to visit original)

Waiting For the Night to Come by Ellieraptor (click image to visit original)

As if I wasn’t already head over heels for PeeBee! Ukranian artist Kapuzin has drawn her Continue reading

Mass Effect Andromeda Free Fan-made Wallpapers


There are 37 days left until Mass Effect Andromeda is released and the hype has achieved lift-off with trailers, and the Andromeda Initiative introductory courses and sweet, sweet developer tweets like this one from Mass Effect producer Fabrice Condominas:

But it’s still not enough, is it? You want more! Everyone always wants more and they all come to…

/Blink. Get out of my head, Aria and mind your own store, missy!

Fabrice is on the right track handing over some eye candy goodies for our phone and if he’ll take some advice from someone who instantly put PeeBee on the cover of her tablet, it might be a good idea to offer some similar tasties with Jaal. I hear he already has a big, love-struck fanbase.

But there is more to wallow our Andromeda starved eyes in all thanks to my Twitter friend SimoN7 Gray. Ever since the first trailer’s release, this fabulous guy’s been quietly screen capping anything and everything and putting them up as high-rez wallpapers for all to enjoy. And I mean everything. You can even find Cora and Scott Ryder’s steamy kiss in there and if you dress your Twitter up in that I want to know about it! These wallpapers will fit anything you want to dress up in Andromeda Initiative colors!

Here are a couple of my favorites since as you know I’m crazy for all kinds of gorgeous space art:





So! Is your Twitter and Facebook Andromeda ready yet? Mine is!

Visit SimoN7 Gray’s whole gallery to see more and remember to return to it as he is still uploading new shots. Or better still follow him on Twitter to know when there is new eye candy available in his gallery.

On behalf of all of us Andromenubs: Thank you SimoN7 Gray!