Sam Shepard – ME2 Screenie Of The Day

My current playthrough I finally, finally managed to build a custom male Shepard that I love.

Meet Samuel (Sam) my hot AF Israeli Shepard:

Sam Shepard, ME2.

Sam Shepard, ME2.

I find it odd that it is much harder for me to coordinate a non-default male face with Mark Meer‘s voice than a female one with Jennifer Hale‘s. Partly, I think, because the default BroShep face for me is so linked to that voice whereas, despite valiant or horrific, depending on your opinion, efforts in ME2 default Femshep is a more nebulous affair.

Sam, though, totally works with Mark’s voice which will allow me to differentiate between this guy and his Liara romance and the next playthrough with default BroShep and his Tali wooing. No, I don’t use a spreadsheet, why do you ask?

His code, in case I want to play him again. You are of course free to use it as well:


ME3 Screenie Of The Day – Eve And The Krogan

I consider Urdnot Bakara or Eve as Mordin names her, to be the diva of Mass Effect 3. Both because of her rich costume and interesting jewelry but also because of her poise and confident bearing. She is a queen long before circumstances make her one.

Thankfully she is no longer the only female Krogan we know of. Nexus Superintendent, Nakmor Kesh clan sister to Andromeda team member Nakmor Drack and the Nakmor Ambassador encountered in ME2 on Tuchanka, will be joining us in Mass Effect Andromeda and will be one of the rare Krogan scientists Mordin scoffed at in ME2.

She is part of the core team of station engineers who built the Nexus and her duties include station upkeep and making sure that everything works. In other words, she’ll be calibrating a lot more than just the guns!

Leaders Pop-up at 02.11 in Arks & Nexus training video

Leaders Pop-up at 02.11 in Arks & Nexus training video

Watch BioFan’s commentary of the Andromeda Initiative introduction video Arks & Nexus.

Getting back to Eve, however, the pinnacle of her performance has to be her rousing speech to the Krogan. We’ve heard countless of them before, it seems we can barely make it through any hero story without one but hers is pretty damn good even to a cynic’s ears:


Eve, ME3, Tuchanka

Eve, ME3, Tuchanka

Eve, ME3, Tuchanka

Eve, ME3, Tuchanka

Eve, ME3, Tuchanka

Eve, ME3, Tuchanka

ME2 Screenie of the Day – Tali’Zorah vas Neema

Sweet Tali. I have yet to encounter a single Mass Effect player who dislikes Tali’Zorah, even among the few who for one reason or another dislike the Quarians. Ash Shroka who voices Tali and reprises the role in ME2 and 3 may not be as widely known as some of her co-stars in Mass Effect but did an absolutely stellar job with Tali, especially in ME2 and ME3 where our girl gets a lot more screen time and emotional playing field.

Tali'Zorah vas Neema, Normandy, ME2

Tali’Zorah vas Neema, Normandy, ME2

If there is anything I might criticize about Tali it would have to be an all-around critique of the whole Quarian helmet mystique. In no way, form or fashion should that be an unknown in an advanced galactic society.

What? Any Quarians who die and get autopsied away from the fleet have the procedure done with the helmet fused to their heads? Are Quarians, in fact, the space version of the Doctor Who Chula Nanogene fusion in The Empty Child?

Are you, in fact, this girl’s mommy?

Tali'Zorah vas Neema, Haestrom, ME2

Tali’Zorah vas Neema, Haestrom, ME2

If that Who/Mass Effect crossover joke was too obscure please leave a note in the comments below!

The text in the lead shot refers to Jacob‘s less than tactful comment when she joins the Normandy in Mass Effect 2. Cerberus’ relationship with the Migrant Fleet is not a happy one at that time so perhaps that’s where his cattiness is coming from. Personally, I think it’s because Tali is better with a shotgun than Taylor and a lot more useful to do missions with.

On the other hand, he doesn’t have to drink his booze with a straw. I’m sorry an emergency induction port!

Happy Emergency Induction Port Hour! (Artist unknown, sorry!)

Happy Emergency Induction Port Hour!
(Artist unknown, sorry!)

Mass Effect Andromeda News – A Look At The Combat Trailer


Today, to much fan fanfare, BioWare released the first in a series of videos that gives us a look at the combat through gameplay videos. It’s linked below so you can scroll right down to it, but here is the run-down of what it has to say about Weapons, Tech and Biotic skills in Mass Effect Andromeda and my thoughts on the matter.

Unsticky Cover

First of all the new dynamic cover system in ME:A will allow you to use anything for cover. Simply press against it and you’re in cover. We’ve heard last year that the cover system wouldn’t be Continue reading

Mass Effect 2 Screenie of the Day – A Surprise of Our Own

I promise I won’t flood these posts with pretty pictures of my own Shepard but you have to accept one every now and then. Or you know, not. Whatever works for you.

Agnes Shepard, ME2, Getting ready to kick ass

Agnes Shepard, ME2, Getting ready to kick ass

In this case, it’s a shot of my Shepard getting ready to beat up on some mercs on Omega. She just found out that her old friend Garrus is back in town and there’s nothing she can’t do and nobody that’ll get in the way of her taking him back to the Normandy where he belongs!



Screenie A Day – Just Breathe, Mass Effect 2

Sometimes you just gotta breathe…

Shepard, Mass Effect 2

Shepard, Mass Effect 2

What should have been an awkward eyes-closed shot of my Shepard in Mass Effect 2 turned out to be a shining moment of peace for an otherwise hardened soldier. This is snapped on Tuchanka too, not the place you’d really want to breathe too deeply or where you would expect to find a moment of calm but you have to take those moments where you can get them!

Screenie a Day – Joker – ME2

Flight Lieutenant Jeff Moreau aka Joker and the one screenshot I bet everyone has of him who has played the game. Well a lot of you anyway!


"I enjoy watching humans on their knees..."

“I enjoy watching humans on their knees…”

Joker is voiced by and to some degree modeled after Seth Green, the cutest Buffy werewolf in the history of the furry critters and the character is by far one of the biggest stars of the ensemble as well as the behind the scenes glue that holds the Normandy and its disparate crew(s) together with his quips and off-color remarks.

Seth has done a huge amount of voice work including but not limited to Robot Chicken, Avengers Assemble, Family Guy, Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

And I bet you didn’t know he voiced Howard the Duck in the after credits scene of Guardians of the Galaxy.
He’s also starred in several movies and appeared in several TV shows. You might be able to spot him as an expo fan in Ironman 2.

Oz and Willow. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. 1997-2000

Oz and Willow. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. 1997-2000