HONORVERSE – A Short Victorious War by David Weber


A Short Victorious War is the third book in David Weber’s Honor Harrington series published April 1994, by Baen Books. This story kicks off the confrontation eluded to in the first two books between Haven and Manticore. Haven needs a short victorious war to deflect their proles (unemployed masses) from panicking over frozen basic living stipend expenditures. Manticore makes the perfect victim it’s rich and it lies directly in Havens path to the Silesian Confederacy, their obvious next big target. But Manticore has been preparing for this for twenty years, maybe not always willingly or with grace but they have been building up their navy since before their current Queen took the throne. And they aren’t going to just roll over and give up when raiders are at their shores.

A Short Vistorious War cover by David Mattingly

A Short Victorious War cover by David Mattingly

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BOOKS – David Weber, On Basilisk Station


TLDR: This is a great book for anyone who likes sci-fi, pew-pew, strong female protagonists and punching nazi’s (more or less) and you can get it for free legitimately by following the link at the bottom.

On Basilisk Station cover art by David Mattingly

On Basilisk Station cover art by David Mattingly

This is a post I’ve been toying with a long time. This isn’t a book or an author who truly needs any kudos from some nobody blogger but I also continuously recommend his books to new readers. Having all my thoughts in a spoiler free “review’ with helpful links in one place makes those recommendations very simple.
And 2017 seems like a good year to make some noise for sci-fi that deals with totalitarian and populistic regimes.  Not that there’s ever not a good time for picking up a tale that weighs in on matters like that.
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Futures From Afar – L’infini de la Reverie


I have been wanting to chuck some “Space Porn” on these pages for a while now but that particular, uhm… description is too narrow to fit the mix of space and Sci-Fi concept art I have in mind. I try to look at art like this once a week and it’s usually what I decorate my desktop with. Imagined worlds in the far reaches of the Universe are an instant kick of hope and/or inspiration for me. Even the dystopian ones. Not so much in the hope department naturally but still very inspirational. I would like to spread that feeling around a bit and perhaps introduce you to some artists with a blossoming imagination of the future.

L’infini de la Reverie
by DmitryEp18

I proudly present you “L’infini de la reverie”
I hope you like it. Used Photoshop CS5, mouse and fantasy If you used this image as desktop wallpaper, please let me know.
Constructive criticism is welcome.
– Dmitryep18

Linfini de la Reverie by Dmitryep18

I have to admit my first thought when I looked at this planet was: Hutta! Or rather: “I can see my Bountyhunter’s ship from here!”. Which doesn’t really do Dmitryep18’s picture justice. I also couldn’t help thinking about the moss covered planet Medusa from David Weber’s ‘On Basilisk Station‘ the first of the Honor Harrington books. A great read if you are into epic space combat with a dash of political intrigue and hard-bitten heroism.

If you liked this image enough to hang it on the wall, Dmitryep18 actually sells prints of it at reasonable prices: L’infini de la Reverie prints. You could have a 30×46 CM print for a mere 20$ or so (probably less if you are in the US).

If you have a favourite piece of Space Art or Sci-fi concept art you keep hanging on to share it with me in the comments below!