HONORVERSE – A Short Victorious War by David Weber


A Short Victorious War is the third book in David Weber’s Honor Harrington series published April 1994, by Baen Books. This story kicks off the confrontation eluded to in the first two books between Haven and Manticore. Haven needs a short victorious war to deflect their proles (unemployed masses) from panicking over frozen basic living stipend expenditures. Manticore makes the perfect victim it’s rich and it lies directly in Havens path to the Silesian Confederacy, their obvious next big target. But Manticore has been preparing for this for twenty years, maybe not always willingly or with grace but they have been building up their navy since before their current Queen took the throne. And they aren’t going to just roll over and give up when raiders are at their shores.

A Short Vistorious War cover by David Mattingly

A Short Victorious War cover by David Mattingly

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