BOOKS – David Weber, On Basilisk Station


TLDR: This is a great book for anyone who likes sci-fi, pew-pew, strong female protagonists and punching nazi’s (more or less) and you can get it for free legitimately by following the link at the bottom.

On Basilisk Station cover art by David Mattingly

On Basilisk Station cover art by David Mattingly

This is a post I’ve been toying with a long time. This isn’t a book or an author who truly needs any kudos from some nobody blogger but I also continuously recommend his books to new readers. Having all my thoughts in a spoiler free “review’ with helpful links in one place makes those recommendations very simple.
And 2017 seems like a good year to make some noise for sci-fi that deals with totalitarian and populistic regimes. ┬áNot that there’s ever not a good time for picking up a tale that weighs in on matters like that.
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