Would You Wear This? N7ish Skinny Scarf

It’s been suggested that I try to sell some of my crafting. In an effort to get a feel for what people might want, I’m going to put some ideas up here on the blog. It will be slow going at first, as I try to scrounge up the mats for projects, but feel free to make suggestions if there is something you are dying to have.

In the mean time, is this something you might buy or wear (That pun was not on purpose, I swear!):

Obviously if I was going to start somewhere it would be in the vicinity of Mass effect! Let me know here or on Twitter if you like it. Of course I’d be more than happy to make it in black for you, was just too stark for my clothes. And please share the link around to your friends and guildies – I need the feedback.

Damsels – A Shortcut to the Shooting

Anita Sarkeesian’s follow-up to her first video, Damsel in Distress: Part 2 – Tropes vs Women in Video Games, is out this week and the debate about the portrayal of women in video games rages on again. But does that mean we should demand that future video games refrain from using particular tropes because they are offensive?


I would like to impress upon you to watch Anita’s videos, because as a writer and as someone who is deeply interested in stories and story-crafting I find her examples damning, not for reasons of feminism but for us as video game consumers.
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Meet the Artist – Evolvana

Taking illustration to the outer limits of what is epic and grandiose – meet Evolvana, a gamer and visual artist from France who will woo you with grandiose views of Middle Earth or behind the Wall. Vana  has spent a lot of time in New Zealand and Japan before returning to France during which time she also journeyed in games and books from the Thrawn trilogy and Final Fantasy to Game of Thrones and Star Wars: The Old Republic. Join us after the break as we talk about her travels, her own dark fantasy project and the do’s and don’ts of in game romance.


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Desktop Fantasies – Eldt by Jordan Grimmer

It is high time for some graphical change for the box I spend all day on. This time I have chosen to go with something more tangible than a view of space: “Eldt” is a concept piece by Jordan Grimmer for an upcoming RPG called The Battle for Arcadia.

Immediately I saw this picture, I was reminded of Kashyyk and of Solace (Dragonlance). Also, at least style-wise, to some degree of Guild Wars 2. It’s there in the slightly fuzzy, suggestive feel as well as in the architecture and the inscrutable swaths of red cloth.

Eldt by Jordan Grimmer

How cool would it be to explore this setting in a game though? I know I would be happy to pick one of those houses for my character’s personal housing!

Jordan has a personal blog with his work: Jordan Grimmer Art. It holds a tasteful collection of his work, in case you aren’t into schlepping through the greenish waters of deviantART. You can also find him on Facebook and Twitter.

“Eldt” is available for sale as a print from Blue Canvas at prices starting from $16.54.

If you have a favourite piece of Space Art, Sci-fi or Fantasy concept art you keep hanging on to share it with me in the comments below!

Too Much Sexism in Headlines?

Are you tired of hearing about sexism in the games industry when you’d rather have your headlines be about games? Then help put a stop to sexism and gain access to the following bounty:

More games
More choice
More women!

\ o /
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Futures From Afar – L’infini de la Reverie


I have been wanting to chuck some “Space Porn” on these pages for a while now but that particular, uhm… description is too narrow to fit the mix of space and Sci-Fi concept art I have in mind. I try to look at art like this once a week and it’s usually what I decorate my desktop with. Imagined worlds in the far reaches of the Universe are an instant kick of hope and/or inspiration for me. Even the dystopian ones. Not so much in the hope department naturally but still very inspirational. I would like to spread that feeling around a bit and perhaps introduce you to some artists with a blossoming imagination of the future.

L’infini de la Reverie
by DmitryEp18

I proudly present you “L’infini de la reverie”
I hope you like it. Used Photoshop CS5, mouse and fantasy If you used this image as desktop wallpaper, please let me know.
Constructive criticism is welcome.
– Dmitryep18

Linfini de la Reverie by Dmitryep18

I have to admit my first thought when I looked at this planet was: Hutta! Or rather: “I can see my Bountyhunter’s ship from here!”. Which doesn’t really do Dmitryep18’s picture justice. I also couldn’t help thinking about the moss covered planet Medusa from David Weber’s ‘On Basilisk Station‘ the first of the Honor Harrington books. A great read if you are into epic space combat with a dash of political intrigue and hard-bitten heroism.

If you liked this image enough to hang it on the wall, Dmitryep18 actually sells prints of it at reasonable prices: L’infini de la Reverie prints. You could have a 30×46 CM print for a mere 20$ or so (probably less if you are in the US).

If you have a favourite piece of Space Art or Sci-fi concept art you keep hanging on to share it with me in the comments below!

Fantastic Spanish Mass Effect Cosplay

Tali’Zorah vas Normandy comes to life with this amazing cosplay and photography. Meet Nebulaluben and Erikku-kun who will go all out realizing the imaginations of their favourite game developers.


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Glass, Gadgets and Gears of War

SWTOR writer Alexander M. Freed has launched his own website, AlexanderFreed.com, with a peek behind the workings of the Dragon Age comics he has lately been co-writing with Dragon Age lead writer David Gaider.

Given that I just finished my first play-through of Dragon Age 2 (Late to the party, I know! There were reasons) this naturally pinged my radar with promises of more story with Alistair, Varric and Isabela. Check out Alexander’s very cool look into the process of writing with someone else and writing for a new medium and make sure you keep an eye on the workings of this guy. And while we have David Gaider on the proverbial table (heh, there’s a visual for you /brow waggle) I would implore you to swing by his blog The Bittersweetest Thing and read his post on Romances. It’s one I go back to and re-read every time I sigh wistfully about not being able to romance a particular npc in a game (aaah Varric, you and me, we could have been great…).
You can follow these two gentlemen on Twitter to: @AlexanderMFreed and @DavidGaider.

The Mary Sue snorted (ladylike) at quotes by Gears of War art director Chris Perna this Tuesday, when on the one hand he gushed about how wonderful it was that female gamers felt empowered by their female characters and on the other hand how unviable a female lead would be for a videogame.

Or in other words, to paraphrase Tomb Raider’s executive producer Ron Rosenberg at E3 last year: “Lolwut nobody wants to be a woman, brah.” Who am I to bring up Ripley or bash people’s faces in with the complete DVD box set of Buffy the Vampire slayer. Obviously there are exceptions to the rule, but mostly you can only sell video games with straight  white, male leading characters. Why? Because! That’s Why!

I won’t launch into a sally about just how Neanderthalian I find that mindset but consider this: Take his first comment in the context of the second and can’t you sort of hear his mind adding the phrase”It’s so cute they feel empowered, the little dears…”

Bra burning at 5, don’t be late!

Creativebloq.com features an article on the 3Doodler that has just grabbed my imagination by the jugular. This mind-bogglingly cool gadget draws in 3D right into empty air! Much like a 3D printer this pen heats and cools plastic into shapes, except here it’s a thin stream which solidifies in mid-air as you draw. Watch the video and try not to use the word ‘magic’!

I think the word you are looking for is: Duuuude!

And while we are on the subject of amazing new things our clever species is coming up with, Google has a new video out giving us the experience of Glass:

And don’t forget wearing the trendy headset will make it ever so much easier to roleplay Mass Effect


See what I mean?

Cory Doctorow wrote a chilling viewpoint for Publishers Weekly on digital rights management (DRM) and what it implies to allow your own, private device to deceive you. Whether or not you agree with his conclusions and examples I think his is an article well worth the time spent reading it: I Can’t Let You Do That, Dave.

To help you shake of that gloomy feeling that everyone is spying on you here is EA’s Twitter with a link to RatedRR’s attempts at making exploding arrows á la Crysis 3. I realize that linking this glorification of a deadly weapon may chip away at the staunch belief of certain acquaintances that I am a peace-loving, bra-burning, herbal-tea-drinking flower-girl, but so be it. Sometimes it’s just really cool to watch a bloke explode fruit with a bow an arrow, don’tchaknow. Besides being a pacifist doesn’t mean you won’t club someone over the head eventually. Exploding arrows everybody! Enjoy!