Project Basra – Pining for The Elder Scrolls Online

Tonight I took up a new hobby to help pass the time between now and The Elder Scrolls Online‘s (new) Spring 2014 release date. I am exploring the ancestors of my future ESO character! If you want to see some nerdy character crafting of mine then this is the place for it!


The plan is to play a character through Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim, all members of the same family line as the, as yet not created, ESO character. In this case I am going with an Imperial family line because a) I fell in love with the character name ‘Basra’ in SWTOR. I am reluctant to give it up just yet and it seems a plausible Imperial name to me. b) I just darn love the Roman feel of the Imperial culture!

I think it could be a fun travel down through the ages, to follow this family and feel, when I roll my ESO character, that I almost know her already. That I knew her great-great-grandmother and she was a tough gal! They won’t all be the same character – where would be the fun in that? But I imagine there will be similarities that follow, not only the family name,but also this muddied, Septim-bloodline off-shoot.

You can find my ESO scribblings at: or look for a perma-link to this post in the ‘About’ menu above!

It is pretty corny, sure! Which is one of the reasons I stuck it over on Blogger, but I think this makes a fun project. I also could use the lore refresher course and we do have Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim for me to build my family tree in. Although if there is a generous reader out there, who would like to gift me Oblivion on Steam, so I can make screenshots and videos to go with the posts, I would probably scream with delight!

If this project has inspired you to make your own Elder Scrolls journey/journal please do share in the comments below!

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